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21 Essential Style Tips to Own the Room

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Every dog has his day.

A time in ones life to be the centre of attention.

The focal point of the limelight.

These events don’t happen too often and must be cherished when they make their rare arrival.

I don’t have to tell you that taking control of such instances is important. What I may have to give you a refresher on is what you can control in such events.

I’m not here to talk about your level of competence in a given situation. That should be a given,

Having great style and setting yourself up for a great first impression is what I’m good at and keeps the money coming in. Some may see style as a “nice to have” but I know it can be your competitive advantage.

Here are 21 style tips you can use to completely take over a room and build a positive first impression.

Your Main Look

You want the most visible parts of your body to represent you well. Your main look with consist of clothing that covers the large areas of your body such as your jacket, shirt and trousers so you want to guarantee it fits with your personality.

If you want to have the upper hand over your peers you want to get this part spot on. Look at the following tips and be sure you fit the bill.

1) Get Your Clothing Tailored – Expensive? Yes it is. Worth it? You’re damn right it is. Anything from your suits to your shoes can be custom made. While most item’s that can be made bespoke are a luxury there are a few that should be a requirement. make sure you have a tailored suit or two plus a few dress shirts. You also cant go wrong with a custom made overcoat for those living in colder climates. If an item is made to be worn on special occasions and more often than a few times a year it should be custom made.

2) Layering – Most men see layering as a means to keeping warm and nothing else. While keeping warm is a benefit of layering it’s not its sole purpose. The visible contrast between clothing can make for a stylish combination. Keep in mind that the more outer the layer is the thicker the fabric should be.

3) Keep Your Outfit Fluid – Do you see men with an outfit that seems out of place but can’t quite pinpoint what it is? have you had this same problem when looking in the mirror. You my friend, are wearing an outfit that lacks fluidity. The problem stems from the accessories you choose to contrast in colors and patterns. To fix this – make sure that your accessories have similar tones and hues. For example – your belt, shoes and watch should all be subtle in color and not stray far from each other. Keep it simple and experiment with solid colors first before branching off to stripes and patterns.

4) Wear a Navy Blue Suit – If you are looking to create a statement you really can’t go wrong with a tailored navy blue suit. A timeless classic that goes well with most skin tones and colors. A great way for you to show you know what your doing and mean business.

Perfecting these four tips will have you on the right track to owning a room. The tips that follow from hear will highlight your main look. Think of additional features to a well built luxury car.


To say that men struggle with accessories is an understatement. Most men either don’t know how to mix and match their accessories or include them at all!

Are you one of them?

Accessories are as difficult as you want to make them. I prefer elegance and simplicity when adding accessories. Why complicate something that looks better with less effort?

5) Tie & Pocket Square – A tie and pocket square can be worn to compliment each other or separately to compliment the rest of your outfit. The first step to figure out if wearing a tie is needed or not. Generally -the more formal the occasion the more likely a tie will be required. Whatever you do – don’t wear a tie with tacky colors or patterns. Be subtle and ensure its colour pairs well with your shirt and jacket combination. Foundational colors are your best friend here. For pocket squares, it is important to not that it should compliment, not completely match your tie. If you need some advice on how to purchase a pocket square this guide should help you out.

6) Have An Excellent Pair of Shoes – Do shoes make the man? Well, let’s just say they are one of the first things you get judged on every single day. If I had $1,000 to start building my wardrobe I would allocate at least half of that on a great pair of shoes. Make a formal dress shoe purchase first such as a brown pair of Oxfords and build from there. Formal shoes should contain laces and less formal can contain buckles such as the double monk strapped shoe. Consistent maintenance of your shoes will work wonders in making them look great for many years down the road.

7) Carry a High Quality Bag – If you’re reading this then you are either interested in men’s style or luxury items. I’m going to make the assumption that you know bags are not just for women any more. In fact – bag purchases are steadily becoming higher than women’s. I put high quality here for a reason. I can notice a cheaply made bag a mile a way and you can bet others can as well. A briefcase or weekender back can look sleek with a suit if you choose the right coloring and carry in the right environment. Let your other accessories dictate the bag you carry. if you’re wearing a navy blue suit with brown Oxford shoes then a brown briefcase should be a no-brainer.

8) Wear a Classic Watch – Forget about your smartphone. Nothing can match the elegance and style of a watch. I would’t stray from a leather strapped watch in either brown or black. Both go well with items in your closet and can look so damn sexy. This is another accessory I wouldn’t skimp on.

Their isn’t many more accessories you can add that will provide benefit besides a high quality belt. Nothing is worse than walking into a room where your accessories are dominating your look.


Clothing can take your image far but you should always aim to reach higher.

Being well groomed will lift you to these heights.

Incorporating these 5 tips to your daily regime will make you look healthier, more vibrant and a personal that others want to approach.

9) Perfect Your Hairstyle – You can create all sorts of confusion determining what hairstyle fits you best. Before falling in love with a style, examine your face shape, hair color and hair type first. The sad truth is not everyone will look good in a side part or long hair. The good news is there is a style that will suit you perfectly. Your best course of action is to go to a reputable hairstylist and get an in-depth consultation. It may take a few tries to find the perfect hairstyle for you but it’s worth it. A great hairstyle coupled with an awesome outfit will make you irresistible!

10) Have Pearly Whites – Sorry to be blunt but people think you have poor hygiene. I can imagine you shouting profanities as I’m typing away on my computer but I got news for your. Take care of your teeth! You may never be called out for having yellow, dirty teeth from others but you can be sure they are thinking it. On the bright side, having sparkly whites gets you as many compliments as a great pair of shoes would. Brushing should be a daily ritual you all should do (I hope). Don’t neglect to floss every day as well to get rid of remnant food particles sitting between your teeth and on your gum line.

11) Have Great Skin – Do yourself a favor and go to the nearest drug store and buy a high quality facial cleanser and daily moisturiser. Having unclean, dry skin makes you look tired and older than you are. Imagine speaking to a room full a people with bad skin. You want people to hear about your message not think about how old and tired you look.

12) Add a Dash of Fragrance – Every man should have a signature scent. What’s yours? Cologne and perfume have distinct aromas that add a touch of style and can bring forth all sorts of emotions. Before pouring the bottle over yourself before your big day, STOP! 1-2 sprays is all that’s needed. Don’t be the guy everyone runs away from for putting on too much cologne.

13) Be Well Kept – Now that you know the basics of men’s grooming you have to stay on top of the maintenance. Get a haircut when needed and trim your beard consistently. You want to look neat not unruly. Building that perception of having your #$@% together when you walk in a room is essential and admirable.

All grooming tips mentioned here need consistency and determination on your part for them to be effective. Taking some time to form habits will make them effortless. Besides, it feels great when others question why you look so damn good every time they lay eyes on you.


Ever pick up an awesome looking book only to put it down after reading the first couple of pages. This is exactly how looking great with a dull personality is.

Don’t just focus on the external.

14) Perfect Your Introduction – A great author or blogger knows they have to hook you in right out of the gate with their words. This applies to your life as well. If you look like you’re right off a photo shoot with GQ magazine you will be approached. People enjoy engaging in conversation with a well styled and groomed man. Things can quickly turn sour if you don’t have a proper introduction in place. Take some time to create an elevator pitch. A few sentences describing yourself and what you stand for should suffice.

15) Be Charismatic – In a nutshell, don’t have a robotic personality. Show some charisma when interacting with people. Say a joke here and there. Smile and laugh where appropriate. Charisma is the first step in creating desire. A great way to persuade others and build attraction.

16) Be Confident – Quite possibly the most sought after trait one looks for themselves and others. Yes – some people are born with confience but it can be learned. The best way to gain confidence is by accomplishing goals and building memories. The more you know and the more you become good at something the more confident you will be.

17) Have a Social Gathering – We are all social creatures. We also all have a hard time having the right creatures as friends. It is important to surround yourself with positive and successful people. When at an event, don’t you always notice people the large, close knit groups? Especially if they are well dressed and look like they are having a great time? It’s because having a great social gathering is desirable. Networking to build your social circle should be an ongoing process and a great tool to use to meet even more people!

Having a solid personality will make you the life of the party or event. People will gravitate towards which opens up many more windows of opportunity.

The Little Details

This section is for the passionate only.

For people truly interested in using their style and image to their full advantage.

This is where the hard work comes in. While the tips here are really subtle they show opp enough attention to detail that all successful people have.

18) Wear a Tie Bar – Who would think that a metal clip can improve your style? It does in two areas. The first is it keeps your tie from flying behind you on windy days. More importantly – it let’s others know you focus on every possible issue regardless of how small it is. Who doesn’t want a guy like that on their team?

19) Have Spare Clothing Handy – The time will come when you spill some red wine on your white dress shirt. Take life in stride and have spare clothing in your office or car. Being able to change your shirt and laugh it off will leave others impressed by your preparation and effort.

20) Use Collar Stays – At an event that doesn’t require a tie? Avoid having flimsy collars and invest in some metal collar stays. I love collar stays as they prop up the collars on your shirt which really does a good job of framing your face.

21) Properly Lace up Your Shoes – Many men purchase a pair of shoes at their favourite menswear store and wear them right away. Most of the time the laces are tied up incorrectly as they are used for display only. Learn the proper way to tie your shoes.

I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy article containing tips to own a room the next time the opportunity presents itself.

Now I’m curious what you do during an event where you want to make a statement. Please let me know by leaving a comment below. I would love to know!