About Timeless Gent

Like many things, Timeless Gent started out with just a vision. A small, insignificant website with high hopes of improving the lives of affluent men by making them dress sharp and live better.

A place for men to learn how a high quality appearance can improve their already successful lifestyle.

I used the power of social media to deliver my message. Planting the seed by offering free style advice while growing my image consulting client base.

Then a strange thing happened.

The popularity of my blog, which was just an additional offering of mine began to increase. I found myself becoming immersed in article writing as more men reached out to me with questions. I also found myself enjoying all the effort that went into the blog and endlessly strived to make it the go to destination for luxury men’s style.

That goal has not changed.

I now realize more than ever the growing demand for luxury men’s style. Timeless Gent will continue on the path it has created by offering:

  • Detailed articles on luxury men’s style, high quality living & building success through style
  • Beautiful infographics – from How to Wear a Navy Blue Suit to A Look Into a Successful Man’s Image
  • Image consulting services  – both virtual and in-person
Timeless Gent - About Us
Giuliano Caracciolo, Founder & Creative Lead

It’s also worth mentioning that Timeless Gent has been on a growth spurt recently.

Just to give you an example, here are some great growth stats over the last 2 months alone.

  • New visitors to timelessgent.com have increased by 102%
  • New Subscribers to the Timeless Gent Newsletter Have increased by 184%
  • Virtual image consulting services have increased by 62%

While this is great news, I can assure you I will always strive for more. My goal is to keep refining and improving the Timeless Gent brand until it’s the best in class.

Which means the future will be even more exciting.

Many more features are in the works and the next 12 months will be a great one for our readers and clients.

So what do we have planned? Here are some of the updates you can expect in the future:

  • Two brand new eBooks
  • Contests and exclusive email subscriber give-aways
  • Part-time and intern job openings
  • Some interactive features to the site I can’t mention yet

I hope you enjoy the refresh of www.timelessgent.com. I truly can’t wait to make this site the pinnacle in luxury men’s style with all of you.

Giuliano Caracciolo

Founder and Creative Lead

New to Timeless Gent?

We have been around for over two years now but men who appreciate high quality are always joining what we have going on.

If you are like most men who follow my site, you either run your own successful business or have a career with lots of responsibility. You probably don’t have the time to extensively browse this site to find the information you need.

Not a problem – Here are a few articles to get you started. I’m sure you will learn quite quickly that we only dish out quality, just as you would expect from a luxury men’s style site.

Our Best Articles

Lastly – I ask you to join our growing social community on any channels you frequently use.

Such as:

Twitter – Where Timeless Gent was born. Before I even had a site up and running I was tweeting away style advice and quotes to my followers. Twitter is a great option if you like consuming luxury style content in bits and pieces.

Pinterest – Men should begin to take Pinterest more seriously. It truly is a great social platform and drives the majority of the traffic to this site. (More that Twitter, Instagram and Facebook combined!) Pinterest is a great social channel for photo inspiration on how to dress sharp and live the good life.

Instagram – This is my newest experiment and it’s going well so far with over 300 followers. This is where Timeless Gent posts its highest quality images.

Facebook – If you want to be kept in the loop on upcoming contests and promotions you will want to follow the Timeless Gent Facebook page. I am also adding more in-depth style advice a few times a week.

Until next time – Take care gentlemen