Lifestyle, Personality / January 11th, 2016

Be More Attractive | Why Women Love Well Travelled Men

This is a guest post from Bryn Wied, a travel blogger and writer at Trekeffect.com, as well as an outdoor enthusiast and serious travelaholic. She explores every inch of the globe in her Sanuk flip flops with her favorite travel buddy/hubby Matt. Matt and Bryn live in California where they blog, surf, snowboard and raise kids in between road trips and camping adventures.

Are you a well-travelled gentleman?

Do you love to experience new cultures and discover exotic jungles in khakis and hiking boots?

Then, you truly are a keeper and perfect partner material for women. Believe it or not, girls usually find themselves falling completely head over heels for free-spirited traveling dudes.

To them, dating a guy who’s a travel addict can be an exciting experience that lets them discover a whole new world, pun intended. After all, a traveler will introduce a fresher perspective of the world. His character is most likely influenced and built on the invaluable lessons he’s gathered from traveling.

Still don’t believe me? Here a few more reasons why girls love to date globe-trotting guys.

1) He Knows What’s Really Valuable

A guy who loves to travel knows that the most priceless possessions are the memories made in life and not the tangible objects you own. He won’t be materialistic and won’t balk at the idea of having to sacrifice things.

Travellers spend their time exploring a new place and culture. They seek the thrill that it offers. And to completely immerse themselves in that journey, they can’t be picky over the available accommodation or transportation they have to take.

You’ll know that this guy won’t be pouting over the loss of non-essential items or gadgets. He’ll find joy in the simpler things in life and will never take for granted the blessings he’s already been given. These traits will be a good foundation for a long term relationship. And of course, a girl knows she can count on him through thick and thin, through good and bad days. And she will never have to doubt that he will always appreciate her in his life.

2) He Knows His Directions

Traveling is fun, but it isn’t always as easy as hopping on the next bus to get to your desired destination.

It involves a lot of organizing and advance planning. Oftentimes, it comprises of having to take out your travel planner and jotting down a lot of notes about the place, the schedule and the itinerary.

A traveling guy won’t carelessly shrug his shoulders when you ask him about a trip. He’ll give you specific answers and will explain all his plans in full details. You know he won’t just recklessly embark on a trip without preparing himself first. He doesn’t like to get lost along the way because it would take up precious time.

In short, he has a direction. And the same can be applied to his life in general.

In other words, a guy who loves to travel has vision, passion and ambition. He’ll strive to achieve his goals and reach success in the future.

3) Life Will Never Get Boring

Dating a male who is well travelled will fill a girl’s life with constant adventures.

This is the kind of guy who will be up for anything, whether it’s going on a short drive to visit the next town, or climbing Mt. Everest. He’ll make every moment of their time spent together more memorable, giving new meaning to life’s beauty. He’ll introduce his girl to places she’s never even heard of and dare her to do exciting things.

With each new experience, they’ll both learn and grow together.

4) He’ll Keep an Open-Mind

Having been exposed to all kinds of things in his travels, he’ll genuinely respect everyone’s insights and opinions about certain matters. He’s had his fair share of dealing with all kinds of situations, people and places. He won’t be judgmental about your views and beliefs. He’s developed his own ideas about the world and will be willing to hear others as well.

Every girl will find it easy to share her thoughts and feelings with him in their relationship.

5) He’ll Adapt to Anything

Being in a relationship with a guy who loves to travel, a girl knows she can rely on him to be her rock during hard times. No matter what problem life throws her way, he’ll toss it right back.

In a way, a traveling man has had his fair share of adapting to hard situations, enhancing his problem-solving skills in the process.

He won’t be running away from anything anytime soon. Whatever drama or challenges she may encounter, he’ll help weather the storm.

6) He’ll Possess Very Useful Skills

From simply tying a knot to building a whole house, girls know they can depend on the well travelled man.

He’s most likely picked up both basic and complex skills from his trips. He might even end up as one of the most talented and impressive guys a girl will ever meet.

7) He’ll be Smart

Frequent travelers soak in the experience along with the knowledge and wisdom that comes with each new trip. They’ll have this innate initiative to learn about geography and culture.

Not to say he’ll be a know-it-all but the well travelled man can be smart enough to share facts about the world that you’ve never known before. He’s also got his priorities figured out, managing his time between traveling and living the practical life.

The well travelled man can be the type of guy who’s both book and street smart.

8) He’ll Consistently Challenge You

The well travelled man is going to dare his girl to get out of her comfort zone and become her safety net at the same time.

He’s going to take her places, try new things and discover more about herself along the way. He’s going to support the girl in pursuing new types adventures and will always be her companion.

This kind of guy helps his girl go through the path of self-discovery and will help them grow by challenging them to step out of their shell.

9) He is Social

The travelling man never runs out of things to discuss.

He’s had the chance to meet people from different walks of life in his trips. The vast experiences he’s had with interacting with different types of people will come in handy when his girl’s letting him meet the people in her life. He knows how to properly interact with each kind of individual.

10) He’ll sincerely Love You

Guys who love to travel only invest their time and effort to what they believe will make them happy.

Once he’s found the right girl in his life, he’ll do his very best to keep her in it.