Canadian Menswear Spotlight / January 10th, 2015

Menswear Stores | How to Find the Best in Your Area

Menswear stores

These sanctuaries for men interested in style are a great way to look at high quality clothing and accessories.

In essence, the menswear story is your one stop shop for all of your men’s style needs.

Given the popularity of the menswear store in recent times, it is critical you sort out the good ones from the bad to avoid wasting time.

Or worse, making a bad purchase do too intense sales pressure or low quality items on sale.

I know how you feel, It is no easy task to decide upon first glance if a menswear store is legit or not.

Especially when there is so many of them to choose from!

Not to worry! I am going to present to you with a detailed list of what to look for when checking out a store that strictly sells menswear.

You can take this article with you and almost use it as a checklist to see if the store is worthy of your hard earned cash.

At the end of the day, no one wants to waste their money on something that they are never going to use. That is just horrible on so many counts!

After reading this list and comparing it to a menswear store you are checking out, share this article with a friend or family member so we can spread the word. Let’s help the menswear stores that are doing it the right way.


I have seen countless menswear stores focus on only a few select brands that they offer. More often them note, you will come to realize that these stores receive kickbacks for selling a specific brand.

This is a bad thing as the sales person will not have your best interest at heart and will just be interested in selling you that specific brand regardless of the quality and fit.

Instead, look for a menswear store that offers a wide selection of brands, or at least offers a select few brands that fit within their niche. Think, high-end Italian luxury as an example.

Sales Pressure

Nothing aggravates me more than some overly pushy sales reps when trying to browse the selection of men’s clothing.

I understand that these sales reps are just doing their job and I do not blame them necessarily.

Instead this makes me question the overall company philosophy.

A menswear company should look at the best interests of the customer FIRST. If the customer feels well treated and informed of the products available then they are more likely to be satisfied and make a purchase. It really is as simple as that.

The Menswear Store Experience

When you walk into the store, take a quick look around and really study what you see and feel.

How do people treat you?

How is the displays setup? Does it indicate that they understand men’s wants and needs?

These subtle things are often overlooked individually, but as a whole, really make the difference between a good store and the bad.

If you enjoy men’s style at all, you should not feel like you want to rush out of there as soon as possible after your purchase. The experience of browsing and trying things on should be something you want to do. A good menswear store can do that.

The Menswear Stores Offerings

I love it when menswear stores offer additional services such as onsite bespoke tailoring and straight razor shaving.

This helps create a sanctuary of sorts for men.

A place where a man would want to come back to again and again.

Please keep in mind that before additional offerings are considered a plus, the menswear store should first nail down the other points I mention in this article. There is no point in selling additional offerings if they can’t get their core selling points right!

Customer Reviews

Take a quick look online and checkup what people are saying about the menswear stores in your city.

What are people saying about the selection?

What are people saying about the overall customer experience?

Keep in mind when browsing through the reviews that most people either leave a review when they are either extremely satisfied or extremely unsatisfied. It is much more rare to leave a review if you are just happy with your purchase.

Now over to you

What in your mind is the best menswear stores in your city?

What has been the best experience you have had in a menswear store?