TG Inspired Looks / April 20th, 2015

Best Online Reads on Men’s Style | Q1 2015

It’s no surprise that the interest in men’s style is sky rocketing.

To be honest, its about time.

Decades have gone by where men focused on everything but their personal style, the clothing they wore or how they’re looked upon by their peers.

We now live in a world where men care about these things.

There is now an abundance of bloggers and style experts crafting all sorts of high quality articles for you to absorb. You can easily do a Google search and find an article detailing the best suits for a specific occasion right down to high end luxury items for your wardrobe.

I thoroughly enjoy reading other bloggers’ work and try to find articles that leave a lasting impression on me.

With my search complete – here are 4 inspiring articles published in the first quarter of 2015 that is worth your time.

Website: He Spoke Style

Article: Pull It Together: The Art of the Outfit

Brian over at He Spoke Style offers the irresistible combination of fine writing and gorgeous imagery. You can’t help but be inspired by the photographs that fully compliment his writing.

This article discusses an important topic – Coordination.

Many men struggle coordinating their outfits and with good reason. Mixing and matching colors and patterns can be as complicated as you want it to be.

This article is far from in-depth but does an excellent job covering the basics. An great crash course for a man just understanding style and how his outfits play a role in it.

Website: Fashionbeans

Article: Men’s Watch Buying Guide

I’m a sucker for men’s watches. Show me a classic, brown-strapped Omega watch and it won’t be long until I’m drooling in anticipation of wearing it on my wrist.

Fashionbeans shares this passion of the watch which is evident throughout this guide.

If you’re interested in watches like me, you’ll take great pleasure learning about its history and glancing at the high quality images.

The sections are broken down into categories such as style, function and fit ensuring that every angle is covered. A great reference point you can take with you when making your next watch purchase.

Website: Effortless Gent

Article: How to Age Like a Fine Wine, Not a Leather Belt

Like it or not – we’re all at the mercy of father time.

We can do what we can to slow down the overall process – it’s in our control.

This article provides a step-by-step anti-aging morning routine you can incorporate today to reclaim your youthful appearance.

I believe this is a must read for you simply on the fact it lays out the minimum products worthy of your purchase and the recommended frequency you should use them.

Your appearance can only benefit from having great skin and looking younger. Sharp clothing can only take you so far.

Website: Kinowear

Article: Elevate Your Style: Tips to Boost Your Career

Day in and day out you are being judged. You can almost consider yourself a walking billboard.

You can learn a lot from someone based on the clothes they wear and how they represent themselves.

You should understand the importance your presence has on climbing the corporate ladder. If you need a refresher, the guys over have Kinowear have your back.

Topics such as skin care to your wardrobe are discussed in detail leaving you with the complete package to make it right to the top. Definitely give it a read!

I hope you found the variety of articles helpful. The websites listed here are very popular and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re an avid reader already. If you’ve just discovered an area of inspiration from reading these posts then my goal for this article is complete.

Always take the time to learn more and improve yourself – Especially when in comes to your style!