Lifestyle, TG Inspired Looks / May 11th, 2015

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide on Men’s Cologne

We all have a specific sense we favor over others.

Sight is a popular one, being able to view everything in gorgeous detail is a luxury in of itself.

Sound is another. Listening to gentle waves caressing a sandy beach can bring forth all sorts of pleasurable experiences.

But there’s nothing quite like the sense of smell.

Smell can be a powerful force. Memories of long ago can come rushing back with a few sniffs of something familiar.

It really is quite astonishing.

Smell plays an equally important role in building a perception of what makes you…YOU.

Shopping for men’s colognes can be pretty tough. There are plenty of men’s fragrances to choose from and it’s easy to just close your eyes and pick one. Pretty much the Russian Roulette of cologne purchasing.

That’s where this guide comes in. I have put together this guide to help you purchase a cologne that’s right for you based on your lifestyle, personality type and even the season you find yourself in.

Time to follow your nose…let’s get this started

Why Men Should Wear Cologne

As human beings, we are susceptible to bad odours due to physical activity, long durations without showering and living in climates where heat is the norm.

That should be reason enough to spray some cologne on yourself. Not to mention shower.

If you need further nudging, I offer these additional reasons:

  • It Surfaces Emotion – Certain smells make you think of a setting from your past or a place you wish to be at the moment. For example, the smell of a cologne containing hints of citrus may make you think of Spring or Summer. This could be a powerful asset.
  • Women Find It Attractive – Women find great smelling fragrances sexy. If you manage to either find one she loves or one that fits you perfectly, you’re well on your way to becoming more desirable to her.
  • It Shows You Care – A man that takes care of himself is a well put-together gent in my books. Putting the best version of yourself out in public shouldn’t exclude incorporating fragrances.

How To Buy Men’s Cologne – The Occasion

Now that you know why you should wear cologne the next obvious question you should ask yourself is how to wear it.

What’s that? You didn’t think scent can be matched to a specific occasion? It actually can.

Certain scents work best in specific environments. This can be due the the strength of the fragrance itself or the scents and undertones it gives off.

Overall – I split my colognes into 3 specific groups:

  • Casual Settings – This can range from a night out with the guys to playing tennis on a saturday morning. Go with lightly scented colognes offering traces of lavender, citrus and vanilla
  • Work & Business – Also choose light scented colognes with hints of citrus. The office can be a sensitive area and you never want to make someone uncomfortable by wearing a strong scent.
  • Evening and Intimate Settings – Heavier scents work well here with traces of musk, sandalwood, or leather.

How to Buy Men’s Cologne – The Season

Given that we live in different climates throughout the world or are in a city that experiences a wide spectrum of weather conditions you must factor this when selecting a cologne as well.

Here is how you break down scents based on season:

  • Spring & Summer – Warm weather and sunshine call for lighter scents. Lavender and Citrus work best and bring about appropriate scents suitable for sunny days
  • Fall & Winter – This is wear the heavier, stronger scents make their appearance. Men’s fragrances that are spicy and woody work great in cold weather

General Terms in Mens Cologne

So you see me mention terms such as spicy and musk but what the heck do they mean?

Fear not as I present the full list of the most commonly used terms for you to get familiar with:

  • Earthy – Presents the distinct scent of dirt, moss and earth
  • Floral – Describes a scent similar to lily, lavender and iris flowers
  • Green – Smells similar to a freshly mowed lawn
  • Citrus – Describes refreshing citric scents such as oranges and lemons
  • Spicy – Stronger scents such as cinnamon, clove oil and nutmeg.
  • Woody – Often referred to as sandalwood as it gives off a wooded scent
  • Musk – A masculine scent derived from musk oil which is known to create desire

Men’s Cologne – Things to Avoid

Now that you have a better grasp of why colognes are beneficial to men here are some things to avoid on your journey to a better smelling you.

  • Not Changing It Up – Nothing is more boring than a man that sticks with the same old. Add some spice to your life and try a bunch of different fragrances
  • Loading It On – Be considerate! While smelling great is what cologne is all about it’s easy to overdo it. A few sprays is all you need.
  • Spraying Your Outfits – Cologne is best applied to your body. Drenching your clothes with cologne will only result in a waste and can possibly stain your clothes

In conclusion – Cologne should be considered as the icing on the cake to your style. A few squirts really can take you from desirable to irresistible.

Take care gents.