Canadian Menswear Spotlight / May 12th, 2014

Canadian Menswear Spotlight | Surmesur

Canadian Menswear Spotlight is a new feature in the Timeless Gent blog that will periodically present a full article about a company that is making a name for themselves in the men’s style industry in Canada

There has been a big trend going on over the last several years in men’s style. Online made-to-measure services have been popping up everywhere and have slowly been gaining steam over traditional custom tailor shops, which have been around for as long as men had any sense of style.  This cheaper alternative to custom tailoring promises quality garments at the fraction of the cost traditional methods offer.

Online tailoring works like this: Men would log in all of their details from the comfort of their own home such as neck size and arm length and the respective company would ship off these measurements offshore to get created by tailors usually in third world countries. All this is done without the customer visiting a physical store as the order is shipped right to their house.

While this is a cool new way to purchase tailored clothing for men, I often find that personal touch missing when purchasing online. In addition to this, I am always hesitant in purchasing something without knowing anything about a company, let alone there being no physical store to visit.

Enter Surmesur; an innovative company based in Canada that bridges the gap between traditional tailoring and the new, trendy online version popping up everywhere. Does Surmesur have an online program that takes your measurements? Yes, they do, but they also have multiple physical locations to visit and the measurements are all taken in-store. This is achieved by their state of the art technology along with tailors on site to take your measurements to ensure everything is accurate.

I will get into more of the process Surmesur offers men, but first a quick overview of their origin.

History of Surmesur

Back in 2010, brothers Vincent and François Thériault created Surmesur with their first flagship store in Quebec City offering men a new, innovative way to purchase tailored clothing. After a few months of great interest from men in the area and the success achieved, they were able to upgrade their initial 320 square foot store to a more spacious and modern 1200 square foot location.

Vincent and François pride themselves in offering a “shopping experience” that is just not possible with the many online tailor shops that are out there.  This can only be achieved by having a physical presence along with their innovative technology, such as their onsite scanner.

My Visit to Surmesur

With my trusty photographer Cassandra, I had the pleasure of visiting the first ever Toronto location and met with Surmesur general manager, Francis Mayer. Upon first walking in, I was impressed by the open space and contemporary design. Everything in the store was laid out very well. The space was not very big, but the people in charge definitely made great use of the space. Francis walked me through the store showing me the large selection of fabrics customers have the pleasure in choosing from to alternative items Surmesur sells, such as ties, collar stays and cufflinks.

Francis then showed me the onsite scanner, which was the main feature that intrigued me with Surmesur’s way of doing business when it comes to men’s style. I must say that I was impressed and something that you have to experience for yourself. All you have to do is simply stand inside the onsite scanner and allow the machine to take your measurements digitally. Your results show up on the computer screens for the Surmesur representatives to view. After that process is done, an onsite tailor takes your measurements the traditional way to ensure nothing is out-of-wack. Which, Francis, informs me, is almost never the case based on the accuracy of the scanner.

I was also surprised by the amount of fabrics there is to choose from, with multiple price points to account for men on all budget levels. The majority of their suits are fused but I was impressed to hear that they do offer fully canvassed versions at a small additional cost.

As I have come to expect based on their fabric selection, there was an endless supply of options to make your garment unique, such as multiple cuffs, collars and buttons to choose from. If you are interested in men’s style at all, it’s a great thing to experience.

The store seems to have a steady flow of loyal and new customers coming in and Francis and his staff always made everyone feel comfortable. During the weekend hours, customers are even offered a few alcoholic beverages to add that additional bit of luxury while browsing the selection of features to include in their custom blazer, vest or dress shirt.

During my time at Surmesur, I am pleased to say that I really liked what I saw and I would recommend their services to men looking for a cost effective yet a more personal experience when it comes to custom menswear. The price coupled with Surmesur’s innovative technology makes a unique combination and a worthy addition to Canada’s menswear landscape.

Visit it then in one of their three current locations and check them out at http://www.surmesur.com/home