Lifestyle / June 19th, 2017

Timeless Elegance | The Ultimate Overview of Canali

Great style, as they say, is the perfect balance between visual presentation and a state of mind. A way of living that’s felt from within and the people it touches.

Many menswear brands attempt to embody this philosophy in their corporate culture and the products they make. The adoption of this philosophy enables products to be made with passion. As a result, men all over the world get to enjoy garments and accessories that look good and make them feel great.

However, some brands do things a bit differently. A select few menswear brands build this style philosophy right into the very essence of their brand.

A living, breathing example of this is with the iconic Italian brand known as Canali.

Trying on one of Canali’s expertly crafted garments is an experience in of itself. The feel of the materials, the attention-to-detail and its construction all work together to put a smile on any discerning man’s face.

As Canali continues to evolve, their philosophy never wavers. As the creator of Timeless Gent, I too share many of the philosophies that Canali presents proudly. As a result, this article will attempt to showcase what makes this fine brand so special – their endless pursuit of excellence through timeless, elegant style.

About Canali

Canali, established in 1934, is a third generation family run business based in Italy. Initially, Canali’s origins were set in the fine art of suit making. Fashion and style had just begun to pick up during those times and Canali quickly became a leader in Italy and surrounding areas within Europe.

Leading into present times, Canali has become a menswear powerhouse with their tailor-made luxury products leading the way. Given their increasing global expansion, you can find their brand in 1,000+ stores in over 100 countries in addition to their over 250 boutique stores.

Canali takes pride in their Italian roots as can be seen across their product lines. All of Canali’s garments and accessories are made in Italy. “Made in Italy” isn’t just words on a tag to Canali. Rather – it’s a promise of their offerings. You can rest assured that buying a product bearing the Canali label will result in an exceptionally crafted garment that is consistent, elegant and timeless.

Canali’s Style

One of the main reasons I’m a proud supporter of Canali is based on what their products represent – timeless elegance. It’s displayed across their marketing materials and even the products they sell.

With that said, it takes a particular man to truly appreciate what Canali has to offer. In fact, the Canali brand is best appreciated by the discerning man who likes timeless luxury pieces. As most of my readers know, you get what you pay for in the world of menswear. With Canali, prices are a bit higher compared to other, lower quality brands. However, a Canali product is an investment in yourself and well worth the cost, in my opinion.

As mentioned earlier, Canali’s marketing team heavily promotes that their products are solely made in Italy. They emphasize that quality style is at the forefront versus the latest trends. You won’t find too many flashy colors or loud designs. This is purposely done. The toned down style offered is best suited for the professional man who is willing to pay a premium for great fit, fine fabrics and durability.

If you consider yourself a man of detail, you will love Canali. As indicated in these videos, Canali goes through many steps, sometimes hundreds, to make the perfect tie, blazer or suit that meets the quality standards they strive for.

Online Boutique

Canali’s presence is felt in the virtual world just as much as the physical. Their online boutique is the key driver of this.

Potential shoppers have the ability to browse all of Canali’s available items. This includes suits, tuxedos, dress shirts, outerwear, accessories and a host of other products to elevate a man’s style.

The look and feel of the online boutique is its main attraction. The design really captures the spirit of Canali. It’s simple yet sophisticated with a sense of elegant luxury throughout.

Clicking on an item of interest will take you to the product page where you can learn more about the product, see detailed images and learn about the fabric, fit, etc. Navigation is also seamless. Any interested shopper can jump between one product to the next within the same category or to an entirely different section.

Finally, the shopping experience is user friendly. You can easily add items to your shopping bag and checkout with just a few steps.

Overall, the online boutique is an excellent alternative for the man who likes to make his purchases over a computer monitor.


With Canali maintaining their level of excellence in creating high quality pieces, I foresee big things for this Italian brand. Canali has been one of my go to brands for many years and I continue to recommend them to men who appreciate luxury, timeless style.

If you have yet to experience what Canali has to offer, I recommend you take a look at their online boutique. You won’t be disappointed