• Grooming / September 29th, 2014

    Grooming Advice | How to Grow a Beard

    When you first think of a man, any man. What first comes to mind? What features and characteristics first pop into your head when thinking of a male? Is it something physical or mental? For me, there are many traits that defy what a man is and most of them are character based, as they […]

  • Grooming, Product Reviews / April 9th, 2014

    Product Review | Evolve Professional Shaving & Skincare Line

    In my opinion, every man should have a routine in their life to bring order, balance and to practice giving attention-to-detail to things. In other words, striving to perfect what they do. This does not have to be something complex, as this will just lead to discouragement or boredom. You want your “ritual” to be […]