Product Reviews
  • Product Reviews / December 22nd, 2014

    Product Review | The WSLTW Cashmere Scarf

    The winter months are a great time to accessorize. As I have mentioned many times before, quite possibly my favorite winter accessory is the scarf. I love the scarf as an accessory as it makes the best use of its practicality while still being a stylish item. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a […]

  • Product Reviews / December 3rd, 2014

    Product Review | The Osmium Tradesman Vest

    Online shopping. It’s becoming such a staple for men everywhere. Especially men looking to improve their style. While online retailers are great, it is rather difficult to find ones that focus on quality. Even more rare to find ones that make quality a priority. This is where Osmium comes in to play. Osmium is an […]

  • Product Reviews / November 16th, 2014

    Product Review | Cobbler Union Shoes

    Attention-to-detail. The effort it takes to make a work of art requires it. It is rare to find a company that crafts something with such detail, especially in the menswear realm. Cobbler Union, an up and coming men’s shoe company understands the rarity of carefully crafted products and are truly offering shoes that are all […]

  • Product Reviews / October 13th, 2014

    Product Review | Incedo Shoes

    Shoes – the accessory that can be seen as very subtle to some men and a deal breaker for others. For men, shoes play an important role in identifying their style, while also making an impression on other people. I can say that I love shoes. This may seem strange to some coming from a […]

  • Product Reviews / July 27th, 2014

    Product Review | Ulterior Motive Casual Monday Tie

    The little things play a crucial role in men’s style. It’s what sets two men apart when wearing comparable clothing. The little things show which man has his stuff together and which ones do not. It exemplifies attention-to-detail and organization. A man that can master the little things in his style should technically be able […]