Lifestyle / April 25th, 2016

The Best Cigars For Any Budget

This is a guest post from Jonathan Detore, a craft beer-sipping sports-watching stogie lover, writing every day about anything and everything cigar related as Copywriter for Famous Smoke Shop and Cigar Advisor Magazine. From what you should smoke on the golf course to what pairing goes with your favorite cigar, he’s covered it all and more.

In order to fully enjoy the time with your fellow cohorts in the cigar lounge, it’s important to have the essential gear: cutter, lighter, and of course, a cigar.

With so many options to choose from, it can all be a bit overwhelming for even the seasoned veteran to find the perfect trio of essentials that deliver the high-end quality and style we demand as consumers. From the blue collar worker to the Wall Street elite, we want the most for our money.

Cigars should taste great and burn straight, cutters should make clean cuts, and lighters should toast our cigars to perfection every time, all with a stylish flair. That’s why in this article we’ve narrowed down the most stylish gear in the industry to the three best cutters, lighters, and cigars that fit any budget.


S.T. Dupont Maxijet Double Blade Cutter $189.99

S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 China Black Lighter $1250.00

My Father Limited Edition Toro $23.00

You’ve worked hard to get to the top of the ladder, and now it’s time to enjoy the view from the apex.

When you walk into the lounge, you want to impress your friends with some high quality equipment and the best cigar. It all starts with a My Father Limited Edition Toro made by the world famous Garcia family.

With perfectly aged tobaccos wrapped around a select Habano wrapper, this complex cigar is perfect for truly enjoying the good life. And how much better can it get than with the perfect cut, courtesy of the S.T. Dupont Maxijet Double Blade Cutter? With a simple snip, the cap is off and you’re ready to toast your beautifully adorned cigar to perfection.

ST Dupont Ligne 2 Lighter

That’s when you reach for another essential: the S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 China Lighter. With a sturdy hand-built casing, this elegant soft flame lighter is the perfect accessory to help you enjoy your cigar to the fullest.


Vector Commando Triple Torch Lighter $64.99

Montecristo Signature MSW-1 Cutter $53.99

Montecristo Platinum Toro $10.00

You enjoy the finer things without breaking the bank. Your thriftiness shouldn’t mean you sacrifice quality when it comes to enjoying your favorite hand-rolled cigar.

With the Montecristo Platinum Toro, not only do you get the sleek look of this incredible cigar, but you’ll be met with the savory sweet leather and earthy flavors this storied brand is known for. And what better cutter to use on this widely popular cigar than a razor sharp Montecristo Signature MSW-1 Cutter? With the Montecristo insignia engraved right on the blade, everyone will admire this artfully crafted cutter, no matter which lounge you find yourself in.

To light your cigar, look towards the Vector Commando Triple Torch Lighter. With three flames helping you roast the Montecristo Platinum to perfection, this long-lasting lighter goes the distance between refillings, and even comes equipped with two punch cutters in case you accidentally left your cutter at home.


Guillotine Stainless Cigar Cutter $9.99

Vertigo Executive Lighter $12.99

La Aurora Cameroon Belicoso $4.00

Nobody should be penalized for using their hard-earned money to pay the bills or treat the kids to a day at Disneyland.

For those of you who spend wisely on this remarkable hobby of premium cigars, look towards the La Aurora Cameroon Belicoso. Made by one of the top factories the world has ever known, this cigar will save you big bucks while delivering massive flavor.

La Aurora Cameroon Belicoso

For a high quality cut, the Guillotine Stainless Cigar Cutter is just what you need. With two blades that provide a straight cut time and time again, this gorgeous durable accessory is perfect for any cigar smoker looking to stretch his or her money without sacrificing quality. To light your tasty treat, the Vertigo Executive Lighter is a no-brainer. Sporting two jet flames and a high-capacity fuel tank, this ultra-sleek fan favorite is a best friend to all who look for a lighter that looks great and will last years.

No matter your budget, high quality and sleek style is not too far away. From the man who’s got money to spend to the cigar lover who’s constantly looking for the next best deal, you’ll always be able to find a tasty cigar and the sleek and stylish accessories you want to impress everyone at the cigar lounge. Get your gear today, and stay smokey.