Style Advice / October 21st, 2014

How to Effortlessly Wear a Navy Blue Suit | Infographic on The Man’s Navy Blue Suit

Ask yourself something.

Do you want to make a statement?

It could be on anything.

Your style, your social life….you name it.

Did you know you can make a huge statement just by wearing a particular outfit?

Well you can…with the navy blue suit.

Probably the most versatile item in a man’s closet. A suit that every man should own.

In fact, I own two navy blue suits.

What makes a navy blue suit so special to menswear enthusiasts across the globe?

The key is its versatility.

Given that the navy blue suit is so versatile, there are countless ways you can wear one. You can dress up and go the formal route making it perfect for business meetings, working a deal with a client or any other use in the corporate world.

The navy blue suit also looks sharp as a casual day-to-day outfit. Go out at night to a bar with a tieless navy blue suit and I guarantee you will get some looks.

While myself and many other menswear bloggers praise the versatility of the navy blue suit, it’s still possible to get it wrong. I have seen some fantastic images of menswear bloggers and stylists sporting a navy blue suit with some crazy colors and it’s quite impressive.

I have also seen some that look like a disaster.

Not everyone has the style sense to match color and patterns effortlessly.

For the everyday gent who just wants to look good in a navy blue suit, I have created this nifty infographic as a foolproof way for you to get your colors coordinated and your accessories aligned without breaking a sweat.

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Navy Blue Suit Infographic
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As you can see, I have stuck with the core colors as a foundation to make it extremely easy to pick and choose without worrying if what you’re wearing doesn’t match. Simply grab your accessories, tie and pocket square and look sharp – stress free.

To break this down even further, here are some key elements to consider when sporting a navy blue suit:

Foundational Colors

As far as dress shirts are concerned, white, light blue and pale pink work extremely well with the navy blue suit. The light, subtle coloring of each of these shirts will provide greater emphasis on the suit itself and add an excellent contrast when adding accessories.

Color and Pattern Matching

Nothing beats the versatility of a solid colored dress shirt.

It provides you not only with more options with other colors, but allows you to incorporate patterns with your accessories. For example, a solid light blue dress shirt looks great with a checkered silver tie while looking equally sharp with a blue and white pinstriped one.

Matching Accessories

It’s also worth mentioning since so many men get this wrong, is to try to closely match your accessories.

You shouldn’t wear a brown belt with black shoes or vice versa. The same also applies with burgundy, beige or any other color.

The shade of your accessories does not have to fully match, but they should be pretty similar. For a quick refresher, here are accessories you should match up correctly:

  • Watches
  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Bag or Suitcase
  • Wallet or Card Holder

Pocket Squares and Ties

Looking at my list above, you may have noticed a few important ones not mentioned…and for good reason!

Even though matching your accessories is important, it does not necessarily apply to the pocket square and tie.

Given that these two accessories are usually pattern focused, I tend to favor one complimenting the other instead of strictly matching. Simply matching the pocket square and tie is such a boring way of going about accessorizing a suit and results in neither of them standing out in a good way.

Instead, focus on the criteria below:

  • Primary Color
  • Secondary Color
  • Pattern
  • Material

Fit of the Navy Blue Suit

Last but certainly not least, fit is another crucial aspect to consider when purchasing a navy blue suit.

Try on as many options as possible if buying off-the-rack and always take to a tailor to making adjustments. Go for a slim suit that hugs your body but does not leave you feeling constricted in the process. Comfort is key.

If you have the luxury of a healthy budget, I would definitely recommend getting a bespoke or made-to-measure suit. Not only will your navy blue suit fit you like a glove, it will also be super comfortable and look like it was made for you…because it was!

So gents, I hope this blog post and infographic has provided you with some clarity in regards to how to wear a navy blue suit without much effort. Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you agree with my tips or even if you don’t!

I would also love to hear your own approach on mixing and matching colors and patterns as far as the navy blue suit is concerned.

As always, have a good one!