Lifestyle / April 5th, 2015

The Image of a Successful Man | Infographic on an Affluent Man’s Lifestyle

What does the image of a successful man look like?

If you had to visualize a successful man’s image would you be confident you can do so accurately?

Us here at Timeless Gent made it a mission to do just that – by creating the visual blueprint of the successful man in infographic format.

There is no doubt that most men strive to be successful. Obtaining and being able to appreciate high quality items is a luxury that few men have.

We can all work towards this goal and the first step to being a successful man is to have the image of one.

This flows fluidly from your physical appearance to your personality.

This is exactly how we designed our infographic. Aiming to provide you with knowledge, a reference point and above all – inspiration to pull from when needed.

The infographic has been split into three categories:

  • The Facts – Certain advantages of the successful man backed up by recent research
  • His Image – ideal image of the successful from, from the clothes he wears to the car he drives
  • His Mindset – Lastly, the mindset of a successful man, which is just as critical as his physical appearance.

Here is the infographic in all its glory:

Image of a Successful Man Infographic

There you have it. Feel free to share this with your social networks and to men you feel need some style and success inspiration.

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