Lifestyle, Style Advice / October 10th, 2016

Invest in a Watch that Stands the Test of Time

This is a guest post from Melissa Lang, a writer from Glasgow, Scotland. Melissa loves social media and has a keen eye for all things fashion and design. Melissa has over five years experience in Male styling and specializes in accessories.

A watch has the power to communicate a great deal without the use of words.

It can express if you’re sporty, minimal, techy or a lover of luxury. Horology is a centuries old skill, steeped in history and true craftsmanship. Even amongst the digital age, men are still holding fast to the tradition of wearing classic timepieces as a way to show off their signature style and align themselves with generations of those who have gone before us.

Choosing a watch that can stand the test of time is a rite of passage for any man and the perfectly chosen timepiece can stay with us our entire life.

Investing in a Luxury Watch

Excluding the trendy, but rarely classic digital version, there are two main types of watch design that I’ve highlighted below:

  • Quartz – Which are known as analog watches. These run using an incredibly small, electrified quartz crystal within the mechanism and are extremely accurate.
  • Mechanical – which work using multiple gears and springs. These watches are highly crafted and their price point tends to mirror this. Mechanical watches do not keep their time as well as quartz and will need wounding yearly, but they never need a battery. Mechanical watches hold ancient emotional, value and are often the preferred choice for men looking to invest in luxury timepieces.

How much does a Luxury Watch Cost?

Investing in a timepiece should not mean you struggle to pay the bills; you can purchase an entry-level piece for as little as £300, though the price tag can easily reach up to £10,000 (and beyond!). This all depends on the mechanics or “complications” of the watch. The more complications, the more the price goes up.

Watches are like cars, it’s likely you won’t get the value back if you choose to sell it one; purchasing a watch is an emotional purchase, more like a forever home. Don’t purchase a watch for a quick monetary investment. It’s literally not worth it.

For those looking to invest in an entry-level timepiece, a great place to start is with brands such as Seiko and Citizen. These models come in quality quartz and mechanical movements. What’s more, quality runs through all it’s pieces, from the dials right to the straps attached.


Does My Watch Need Maintenance?

Just like any precision instrument, it’s important that it’s maintained in order to keep it working in its optimum condition. Failing to do this will mean its health will deplete prematurely.

Today, we’re busier than ever and I doubt this will change. Though thankfully, there are convenient watch repairs and servicing companies that operate by post meaning you don’t have to take time away from your day to visit a retail store.

The service will restore your watch to its original working condition ensuring its longevity remains intact.

Watch Maintenance Tips

  • Avoid temperature shocks – do not expose your watch to temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius.
  • If your watch comes into contact with salt water or chlorine, rinse it immediately. Failing to do this can corrode the internal mechanism.
  • Avoid high risk situations such as sport or manual labour which can cause damage to the case, bracelet and internal intricacies.

Why Can’t I Buy a Counterfeit?

A counterfeit watch may look OK from a distance, but purchasing a fake watch fuels organised crime, gang culture and is responsible for the loss of countless jobs of skilled horologists and salespeople across the globe. Most watch menders refuse to deal with counterfeits of any sort and have strong disclaimers on their websites explaining this.

A replica is prone to breaking, rusting and scratching thanks to their rudimentary materials and mechanisms. Overall the lifespan will be reduced and the timepiece will more than likely end up in a drawer, especially when your local watch mender refuses to change the battery.


Why Should I Invest in a Timepiece?

Choosing to invest in a luxury timepiece gives the owner a real sense of pride, maintaining a luxury item requires commitment and care. The consistency separates you from the boys who carry smartphones as their only time source.

The watch industry has been alive for over 500 years and the craftsmanship produced is built to last. One watch can last not just your lifetime, but generations. In a world where almost everything we own is downloadable, holding onto ancient traditions is a great way to step away from the rat race, even for just a second all whilst communicating your signature style effortlessly.