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Job Interview Tips for Men | 8 Ways to Land Your Dream Job

I’ve always been great at job interviews.

I can’t fully pinpoint why that is.

Some people would probably call me lucky. I’m sure that luck had her hand in some of my interview success but I firmly believe there is more to it than that.

Your image and the impression you initially create are key points to a successful job interview.

I’m writing this article in response to a direct message a gentleman sent me on my Facebook page asking me how he can better build a first impression to potential employers during an interview.

This question is worthy of a blog post given how critical it could be for a man’s career path and life!

There are many intangibles that lead to a successful interview and quite a few physical elements that come into play as well.

Here are in my opinion, the most critical job interview tips that will provide you with a competitive advantage over other job candidates.

If you follow these steps before, during and after the interview you will greatly increase the chances of landing the job you want while experiencing less rejection.

It has worked for me many times.

Preparing For Your Job Interview

1) Research The Company – The first thing you should do when you are notified that an interview is coming your way is to review everything you can about the company.

First place to check is obvious: the company website.

However, don’t stop there! Review the companies LinkedIn profile as well as any bits of information you can find from their social medial pages. Any reputable company should have one.

Pay special attention to the history of the company and any awards or achievements they received. Some good talking points to bring up on the interview.

2) Research the Dress Code – Many miss this step. Look for any employee images you can find of the company you will be interviewing with.

Facebook and Twitter are an excellent way to “snoop” on office attire. How are the majority of employees dressed like?

Look at management profiles as well. This should be readily available on the company website.

The goal is to dress slightly better then the average employee and on par with what management is wearing.

You do not want to be too overdressed as you want to avoid competing with management but you want to stand out in a good way when compared to employees on your level.

3) Plan Out You Outfit – Once you have a general understanding of how the employees of said company dress, it’s time to figure out what you are going to wear.

Stick with something that you have worn in the past. Something you are comfortable with and feel confident in.

A navy blue suit would be a great choice and has always worked wonders for me in the past.

One thing not to do – wear an outfit that is brand new. You just don’t feel as comfortable as you would compared to a tried & true outfit.

The Job Interview

4) Arrive 10 Minutes Early – No more and no less.

If you arrive any earlier you will be seen as anxious. Being anxious gives off the impression that you really need this job. Which set off some warning signs to the interviewers. No one wants a needy, anxious employee.

Arriving late to the job interview is even worse.

Being late to a job interview will have the interviewer form a few opinions of you.

For starters, it will show you lack any respect to the company and the interviewer’s time.

Secondly, you are not an organized individual.

Both of those descriptions spell bad news for you. Avoid them at all costs by arriving on time.

5) Be Conversational – No one wants to be in a question and answer session. This goes for both the interviewer and the candidate.

Instead, try to be conversational. Be clear and descriptive when answering questions but also throw in a few relevant ones of your own. Don’t just wait until the end of your interview for this.

This makes the interview more enjoyable for all parties involved and shows you have a keen interest in the job.

6) Body Language is Key – Body language is so important, I could write an entire article on it (I may in the future). For the sake of this article I am going to list out just a few items that will help you land that job:

  • Always face your interviewer. One of the ways you can show interest is to have yourself lined up so that your entire body is facing the individual talking to you.
  • Have a firm handshake. Look directly at the interviewer when shaking their hand. Don’t squeeze the life out of the person; just firm enough to show your confidence and excitement to be there.
  • Have appropriate eye contact. Look directly at the interviewer when they’re talking to you and when you are speaking to them. Don’t take it too far and just stare at them, that makes it creepy. Being friendly and interactive throughout is key.
  • Smile! Nothing can warm up an interviewer more than a friendly smile can.

7) Say What the Interviewer Wants to Hear – Probably the most important job interview tip I can provide you with.

Every person in a company has goals to meet. If you can understand what their goals are and can base your responses to their questions with them will truly make you stand out.

For example, CEO’s and VP’s are all about growing the business and staying ahead of the competition while someone in operations may be focused strictly on efficiency.

Being able to bring up examples of past experiences and how you plan on helping them reach their goals if they hire you will definitely set you apart from the pack.

Post Interview 

8) Follow Up! – Sending out an email confirmation works fine but try to go above and beyond.

A handwritten note couriered the next day to the interviewer will show that you practice what you preach: going above and beyond what is expected of you.

In conclusion, the combination of how you dress and act can create the perfect first impression on a job interview.

Follow the 8 steps outlined above and let me know if they helped you in landing your dream job.