Grooming, Product Reviews / July 31st, 2017

Product Review | Just For Men ControlGX

Having grey hair today is as much a sign of experience, maturity and masculinity as it is of getting older.

For men, it’s an important topic to discuss as the years start to tack on.

Should you just stay the course and embrace your grey hair? Or should you go to your nearest drug store and try out the many hair treatments available to you?

Staying the course and keeping the grey works for some but definitely not all. It’s far too easy to look just plain old compared to smart and manly. On the other end of the spectrum, going from grey to black in a matter of a day is just unnatural. Not to mention how hard it is to maintain such a look.

Enter the Just For Men ControlGX.


The Just For Men ControlGX

The Just For Men ControlGX is not like your typical men’s hair treatment product. For men who experimented in eliminating and/or reducing their greys should understand the traditional way of doing things. Standing in front of a mirror combing in the application on your head after mixing the product together. For one, the timing has to be right, the application has to be applied consistently and you have to pray that none of the product ends up on your wall!

The Just For Men ControlGX is the first of it’s kind as it acts as a shampoo or conditioner product that you work into your hair when in the shower. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Also the ControlGX is not a product to completely eliminate your greys. Instead, it reduces the amount of greys on your head gradually. How much grey gets covered is entirely up to how consistently you apply the product on a day-to-day basis.

What We Loved

Prior to trying our first application, we had many doubts. How could there have been such a leap in innovation for men’s hair treatment that only working the product in like a shampoo is all that’s needed to reduce grey hairs? How would it look even natural?

Well, we were in for a surprise. The application of the product itself was as we expected. Simply, pour some of the product on your palms, rub your hands to mix the product and gently apply to all areas of the scalp. Leave on the ControlGX for a minute or two and rinse. No surprises here so far.

What did surprise us was how much of a difference one application made. We saw roughly a 30% reduction of grey hairs after just one use. This all happened without the mess and prep time associated with traditional hair treatment products.

Speaking of mess, there really wasn’t much to speak of at all. Sure there was the few splashes that happened on the bathroom tiles when rinsing but this can be easily washed off. The key is to do this while showering prior to the product setting in. We also did not experience any staining on our fingernails (which some who used this product reported). Our advice would be to follow the product instructions carefully and use your palms to apply the product on your hair. It’s also good practice to wash your hands thoroughly.

We also discovered that the more we applied the product as the days went on, the more the greys disappeared. We ended up finding a rhythm were applying the Just For Men Control GX two days on then two days off provided a reduction of grey hair to our liking.

The best part, in our opinion, is that no one was the wiser when out in public. People who saw us everyday did not notice a drastic change in hair color. It was very gradual. We received compliments on our appearance but no one seemed able to pinpoint the reasoning for it. This was the icing on the cake for us on the Just For Men ControlGX.

What Can Be Improved

With the ControlGX having rave reviews by my team throughout, it’s only fair to say where we see this product improving even further.

The Just For Men ControlGX for the most part, accurately blends in the greys with your natural hair color after only a few applications. However, the product seems to have a harder time with the area near the temples. It takes a few additional minutes of focus on this area to remain consistent with the rest of the scalp.

Additionally, it would be great if the smell of the product can be slightly improved. While not unpleasant, there is a subtle chemical smell when you first pour the contents on your hands and even when applied to your hair. This happens with both the shampoo and 2 in 1 conditioner product.

With that said, these two minor blemishes should not derail your decision to use this fantastic product.

Verdict on the Just For Men ControlGX

Based on consistent testing over the last two months, I can honestly declare the ControlGX the supreme product in the market today for men looking to maintain their grey with a natural look.

The ease of use and lack of mess makes this a product I highly recommend to readers and clients alike. If you want to learn more about ControlGX, I highly encourage you to check them out here.