Grooming, Lifestyle / February 13th, 2017

Top 5 Luxury Grooming Products for Men

This is a guest post from Aron James. Aron is the founder of StubblePatrol.com. Stubble Patrol is a site on male grooming. He loves to write about his personal experiences. He feels that his tips and tactics will help his readers to enhance their level of self-confidence and their overall appeal. Changing your overall look can do wonders for anyone, so be sure to visit his site soon. 

A couple of decades ago, men who spent more than $3 dollars on a bottle of shampoo or spent more time than necessary browsing through products in the beauty aisle of the grocery store were looked at rather strangely. The dominant, masculine image over the years has been the tough man look; one whose thick, un-groomed beard and disheveled appearance is the essence of his masculinity.

Recently, a trend has appeared of men who care about their appearance. They find enjoyment and pleasure in keeping up a well groomed, impeccable image. Call them metrosexual if you want, or simply a new generation of men who like looking their best. With the increased acceptance of different forms of masculinity, there are now more luxury grooming products for men on the market than ever.

Do Men Need Luxury Grooming Products?

A recent article published in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services titled “Retailing Masculinity” finds that shifting gender norms have allowed for the construction of different types of male self-image. This shift in the way men see themselves is no better seen than in how men have begun to willingly and openly use retail beauty products.

Spending $100 dollars on a razor or $50 dollars on skin cream is quite commonplace for women.  Presently, more and more men have begun to find gratification from using luxury-grooming products.

The social acceptance of different masculine images has led many men into creating physical appearances that differ widely from the prior norm. Quality grooming products help men discover different possible physical appearances. While a one-dollar jar of hair gel will certainly let you experiment with different hairstyles, a medium hold pomade designed specifically for men with thin hair will definitely allow for a much higher quality image.

Top Five Luxury Grooming Products

A study by the University of San Francisco titled “Male Grooming: An Ethnographic Research on Perception and Choice of Male Cosmetics” finds that location is one of the most important aspects for men who shop for quality grooming products. While men will spend money on a quality product, they find at their local grocery store, they are much less likely to travel across to town to the specialty-grooming store.

With the advent of the internet, however, you can browse hundreds of luxury grooming products designed for men from the comfort of your home. Below are five of the top luxury grooming products designed to help you create your own, unique, masculine image.

Hair Pomades

Unlike regular hair gels, hair pomades often a touch of elegance to your hair styling needs. Many of the top products offer different strengths of hold and come with UV protection to keep your hair healthier while outside on those hot summer days.

Besides helping you with your style, a quality hair pomade also acts as a moisturizer for both your hair and your scalp while at the same time coming in a variety of rich scents.

Face Moisturizers

Keeping your face fresh and moisturized is an important part of putting forth a perfectly groomed and well-kept image. The best moisturizers out there will help you avoid wrinkles while offering a certain glow to your face to keep you looking young and vibrant. They also add a unique scent that can combine with your hair pomade and cologne.

Anti-Aging Serums

These products take skin care to a completely new level.  Dr. Barbara Sturm is a leader in developing anti-aging serum products. She has designed a set of products called “molecular cosmetics” that do wonders to help skin rejuvenation through using your body’s own proteins combined with other natural ingredients. When combined with a daily face moisturizer, your facial skin will keep you looking like you are eternally in your 20´s.

Natural Shaving Creams

If you have ever wondered what exactly goes into that foamy stuff that you put on your face to shave, you are not the only one. Luckily, there are a number of alternative shaving creams out there made from all natural ingredients.

The Pommade Pogonotomienne, a French product offered by the company Buly 1803, is made from hinoki wood which has natural antibiotic properties and almond oil.

Hand Balm

Unless you are a construction worker or a farmer, you probably do not want to show off your rough, calloused hands with dirt under the fingernails. While hand creams have been the privilege of your feminine counterparts for years, many men today are finding the importance of using hand balms for a well-manicured image. Find a product made from natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter to keep your hands moisturized and smelling great.

The Necessary Extravagance of Using Quality-Grooming Products

Spending a couple hundred dollars on hair gels, skin softeners, and high-end shaving creams might not seem like a necessity. However, the extra benefit of having an improved self-esteem due to noticeable improvements to your image might very well make the extra expense worthwhile.