Grooming / December 5th, 2016

Grooming | Should Men Get Manicures & Pedicures?

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There’s always something to be said about cleanliness and a healthy appearance regardless of the motivation.

It’s sort of a shame that men look upon salons as a stigma to their masculinity. But, the tide is turning with men now bordering on indifference about men going to salons. The attitude on the street from men is that if its right for you then by all means, go.

The days of the metrosexual and manscaping are here and it’s fueling the establishment of salons catering to men.

Men’s Sentiment and Behaviour Towards Male Grooming

These changing attitudes are reflected by both consumer sentiment and professional observations.

  • 89% of men in Europe and the United States now put a premium on sharp appearance and a clean groomed character to be essential to their professional success.
  • 53% of men keep current on the trends of male grooming including new services and products such as male grooming salons.
  • 31% of the spa-going population is now male.
  • 3% of hair salon professionals say that men come into the shop to buy their retail grooming supplies.
  • According to Spire Research, spending on male grooming products and services will exceed $30 billion going into 2016.

Reasons for Men to Get Manicures and Pedicures

Some of these reasons are not a surprise while others will probably be an eye opener for many men.

Sex Appeal – the bottom line here is that a man that takes care of himself is looked upon by the ladies as desirable and masculine. It’s mostly a psychological phenomenon where a well-groomed man is looked upon as a good man while one that is not well-groomed gets that bad boy label. Women are always on the lookout for good men to enter into relationships with.

Good Experience – if you’re not familiar with the process of getting a manicure or a pedicure, it comes with a mini-massage of the calf muscles, feet, and hands. The sensations are beyond pleasant and change your mood to positive an uplifting.

Stress Relief – there’s nothing like a little bit of attention and pampering to cure the ills of a bad day at work to calm the savage beast. If you get it done on the way home, you just might save yourself some strained relations with the other half.

Health and Medical Advantages – you certainly reduce the risk of fungal infections and other foot related problems if you get a pedicure on a recurring basis. Men love their sports and many work in jobs where the feet sweat and get beat up in the course of a work day. The pedicure is a preventative action to keep the feet healthy. Type 2 diabetics are particularly prone to foot problems where a visit to the salon for a pedicure can head off disaster. The blood flow to the foot is significantly reduced and the massage helps stimulate it while the exfoliation of dead skins prevents infected cuticles. Once infections set in, type 2 diabetics are hard pressed to heal the wounds. Again, preventative care is essential. WebMD has an excellent information sheet on the precautions and value of pedicures for diabetics.

It Looks Good – big tough guys with well-manicured toes and fingers surprise the women and set a precedent for the men. Most people that encounter it on a masculine body are impressed and appreciative of the man’s interest in his own welfare. It breaks down the stereotypical stigmas attached to masculinity and the shunning of services such as manicures and pedicures for men.

The Softer, Gentler Touch – masculinity does not mean you have to be rough and tough so far as skin goes and the nails don’t have to be ragged and damaged. A manicure and pedicure repair damaged skin and nails if they’re taken care of on a regular basis. Your kids will appreciate it, so will your significant other and even the family pets won’t mind not being roughed up every day.

What are Men and Women Saying?

It’s always interesting to discover what men you know from film, TV, or maybe sports say about manicures and pedicures. Check out this video of Steve Harvey, a well-known talk show host, and what he has to say about manicures and pedicures for men. It just may swing your attitude more in the direction of acceptance.

Here’s a video of a father and son where the son is introducing the father to manicures and pedicures for the first time. It’s a 3-minute, honest experience that breaks the myth of why men don’t go to spas. It is a bit interesting that the son had to use language such as “foot treatments” instead of pedicure to break down the father’s resistance. This last video is a “women on the street” piece where she goes about asking random men and women what they think. The range of opinion is quite revealing of the shifting attitudes toward the issue.

Wrapping Things Up

It’s been an interesting journey. I think my initial observations have borne out the fact that men’s attitudes are softening on the stigmas they attach to a man that visits a grooming salon. At the worst, they allow the man the use of free will in deciding if its right for him or not and don’t judge him in the process.

The other factor that was little known to me at the time I started writing this article is the health benefits one can receive from getting a manicure and pedicure on a recurring basis. Heart health can be improved and the type 2 diabetic can head off disaster with some basic preventative care.