Style Advice / March 15th, 2015

The Man’s Cardigan Infographic | A Detailed Guide on Cardigans for Men

Men sure are interested in the cardigan.

I receive a question on cardigans at least once a week.

The thought of wearing cardigans intrigue men but many are hesitant to purchase one as they feel it’s “too feminine”.

I tried to break this stereotype with with my ever popular guide to the cardigan for men. This article is one of my 3 most visited posts I have ever created.

I wanted to be create a visual representation of that article for men to learn and gain inspiration from.

Which resulted in the creation of the man’s cardigan infographic.

We here at Timeless Gent feel it is the most detailed one on the web.

Please review, download and share with as your friends and family. Let’s inspire men to make cardigans a staple in their wardrobe once again.

Man's Guide to the Cardigan Infographic

Click here to read the man’s guide to the cardigan.