Lifestyle / March 8th, 2015

A Man’s Guide to Luxury Living | Using Your Image to be an Affluent Male

Men go about their day as dreamers.

I am sure you are one of them. Dreaming about things you want to define your life.

Some of you dream of driving around in a luxury car while others want the freedom of working less….enjoying the finer things in life.

Currently, this is dream is most likely out of reach for you.

What’s worse is seeing other men go about their day living a life of luxury.

Living the good life.

Is this something you want to see reflected in your life?

Are you living each and every day thinking that you want more?

I will tell you what I think.

In order to truly live the good life you first must act the part.

It may sound sketchy at first but it truly is a key criteria to living the life you want.

I have created this guide for men striving to achieve the finer things in life and portray an image of an affluent male.

I have split this article into three sections and I suggest you read them thoroughly and often.

Use this guide as weekly motivation when you want that drive to succeed.

The sections will be:

  • Affluent Mindset – How your thoughts and actions can set you up for success to lead the life you want to lie
  • The Image Of An Affluent Man – Description of certain products (mostly material) that have an impact on your status as an affluent man
  • Your Next Steps – A rundown of action items you can take on to ensure you are on the right path to the good life

Part 1: The Affluent Mindset

There is a funny thing in regards to our day-to-day thoughts.

They tend to come into fruition in the long run.

It is our nature to think negative. All of us have to deal with our own ego and this voice inside our head can be pretty distracting (and persuasive).

The first thing we have to do is change the way we think.

How do we go about doing this you ask? It’s not that hard. It just takes some continuous practice.

  • Be Opportunistic  – We all have our fair share of bad times. What separates the truly successful from the average is successful people gain something from the bad. Treat any negative event that happens in your life as a learning opportunity and get stronger and smarter as a result
  • Avoid Pessimism  – It is very easy to dwell over past mistakes and times were you felt you were never good enough. Don’t stay down in the dumps too long. Realize your worth and get up from anything that knocked you down.
  • Think like a Wolf – Yes, learn to think of each day as prey that you have to take down. The truly successful people in life flat out have more ambition than anyone else. They just want it more. An affluent man sees something he wants, game plans on how he going to get it and then makes it happen. Don’t be a dreamer all your life. Every second that ticks off the clock takes you one step closer to your deathbed.
  • Be Humble Wolf – Once your thoughts are in order and success is beggining to build in your life, you have to be cautious of that ego that will definitely come into play. Success will inflate your ego, making you look down on others and possibly make you lazy. Never let this happen. Always treat others with respect and learn as much as you can. Especially from people that have achieve greater success than you have.

Part 2: The Image of an Affluent Man

Like it or not, we are all judged by the things we own, probably more than anything else in life.

I in particular, do not mind this as I do enjoy the finer things in life and how owning certain products provide a specific status.

The list I am going to present to you may seem shallow but I would have to disagree. It all depends on how humble you are.

As I mentioned before, always be humble and look to making the world better. Giving back to the world at the end of the day is the ultimate form of luxury.

On to the list.

Your Clothing

What you wear is certainly going to be one of the first things that get judged by you when you are meeting someone for the first time.

To be considered a man who is powerful and successful has to have a wardrobe that meets these expectations.

I hate to say it but I would definitely be more attentive to a guy wearing a perfectly tailored suit compared to someone else in baggy jeans and a t-shirt. It is also pretty obvious which of the two I would want to be seen in public with.

Clothing can be expensive and it is important you take your time and purchase clothing that is of extremely high quality slowly. Quality is always better the quantity and it will actually save you money in the long run.

Here are some items to consider investing in to get you started on the path to luxury living:

  • A Bespoke Suit – Either navy or grey. This will be your most expensive clothing purchase costing you a few thousand dollars. However, this suit will last you a lifetime and you will never want to take it off! Nothing will raise your confidence more than wearing a bespoke suit that fits you like a glove.  You will not believe how many compliments you will get just from this purchase alone
  • 2 Pairs of High-Quality Shoes – Shoes are THE single most important item in a man’s wardrobe. You are getting judged by what’s on your feet a few times every day. Never skimp on your shoes. Invest in roughly $400-$500 per pair. I have created this guide to men’s dress shoes if you need some pointers on what to look for when purchasing a pair.
  • A Classic Watch – Sure, your smartphone can tell you the time but it will never compare to the elegance of a watch. Seeing a man with a high quality watch shows others you still have taste and also gives off the status of success. Some watches are in fact an investment and can be sold at a higher cost that what you paid at retail.

There are many other items I can add to this list but these three will get you started on the right foot. Begin to incorporate blazers, sweaters and classic trousers as you have enough money saved for them.

Your Car

A cars main purpose is to get you from point A to B.

An underlying purpose of a vehicle is to give you a specific image.

Not everyone can afford a luxury car. That is why so many men want to own one.

It’s the exclusivity of it. Drive into an event in a BMW M4 and you will get much more positive looks compared to pulling in with a Prius.

A car is seen as a luxury item as many people around the world don’t even own one. Throw in top of the line cars and only a small selection become owners of one.

An expensive luxury car is one of biggest ways to show how affluent you are.

Part 3: Your Next Steps

This final section will be laid out in the form of a checklist. Think of the points below and really pay attention to the ones that apply to you.

  •  Set some concrete and measurable goals for yourself. You can really set yourself apart from everyone else if you have goals written down on paper. In a surprising study done by Harvard in 1979, it was confirmed that only 3% of graduates during that time had written down goals. Having goals gives you a path to follow with the drive to succeed
  • Do yourself a favour and invest in lifelong learning. As billionaire Warren Buffet mentions in a book to children, “the more you learn the more you earn”. I use this quote to inspire me to learn as much as I can and you should do. Make every effort to research affluent and successful men as well as any topics that interest you.
  • Limit your time spent with negative people. I am not saying get rid of all your current friends but do what you can to remove the negativity in your life if it currently exists. It is so easy to have a positive though turn to negative when everyone around you had that type of mindset.
  • Be friends with people who are smarter, stronger and more successful than you. This is a great way to elevate yourself and learn from the best. Begin going to conferences and events where affluent people hang out start networking!

In Conclusion – I hope you found enjoyment and some inspiration to make your life as good as it can be. Being successful is hard work but that’s what makes it so exclusive. Most people will never make it to the top in life and this can be directly attributed to their drive.

So gentleman, take that plunge and do everything in your power to be the best in whatever you do. I will continuously do the same and meet you at the top.