Style Advice / August 15th, 2016

Men’s Evening Attire | What to Wear on Your Next Party

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I am a bit paradoxical when it comes to suggesting the latest fashion trends to the modern man.

My first instinct when speaking to a man is to tell them to wear whatever they feel comfortable in and what makes them look best rather than following others.

However, when it comes to following dress codes, I become really particular about what should be worn and what is to be kept inside your closet for an upcoming event.

In my opinion, I like it when a man dresses appropriately for the occasion. I have never been able to understand why some men find it hard wearing black to a funeral or why they can’t wear covered shoes while travelling on a plane. This is more than just a fashion rule. Consider it a respectful act.

To add some fuel to the fire, we’re entering the late summer months and the first signs of fall are not far away. It’ only a matter of time before party invitations begin pouring onto your doorstep.

Many of us confuse the cocktail dress code with black tie dress code, which is not the case. You may be wondering, what exactly qualifies as a cocktail dress code? I have a list of what you should wear and what should be avoided below:

  • A Suit – Go for a shade that mid gray to dark
  • Dress Shirt – Either in a muted color or white
  • Necktie – Solid color works well or one in subtle patterns
  • Pocket Square – Don’t forget to include one in your attire
  • Leather Dress Shoes – In black is always the safest bet
  • Socks – Ensure they reach over your calf and they should match the color of your trousers (of course, wear a freshly laundered pair)
  • Visit a salon before the day of the event and get yourself a clear haircut
  • Be clean shaven for the event (a little grooming never hurts)
  • Keep your favorite tuxedo in your closet (overdressing for a cocktail party is not what you want)
  • If you are attending a wedding, you should remember that the bride and groom are supposed to be getting all the attention, not you. So, keep your bright colored tie, pinstripe suit and flamboyant accessories at home

Cocktail Attire for a Party

The purpose of cocktail parties is to relax and socialize casually with people.

While it’s not wrong to wear a classic charcoal or navy suit, it will probably look a little too formal. If the celebration is during the day, applying foundational shades in lighter colors while introducing some specific patterns is really your safest bet. However, for an evening event you should go with a darker shaded suit with subtle color combinations and minimal patterns.

What to Wear to a Wedding?

Generally, the dress code to a to a wedding is rather easy to decipher for women compared to men. For them, it simply means wearing a black dress with a few accessories to match your look and they are good to go!

However, men generally end up being confused about what to wear to a wedding. Of course, following the above guidelines will provide you a great starting point but you should also refer to what the groom will be wearing. Will he and his party be going all out or keeping it conservative and casual? (Please keep in mind never try to outdress the groom!)

You can completely skip the tie if it’s a casual wedding. Just ask the other invitees about how formal or casual they are planning to keep their outfit and go with the crowd.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there’s no harm in asking the other invitees or the host about what they are planning to wear to the party in question. However, if you want to make a style statement, there is no better way then owning your style and expressing in for the world to see. As an added bonus, couple your dress with a little charm and the skies the limit in making a great impression on the other guests (and even the hosts).

Good luck out there!