Grooming / February 1st, 2016

Men’s Facial Grooming | 3 Products to Add to Your Collection

So before we begin, I want you to run to the largest mirror in your home and take a good hard look at yourself.

Do you see friend or foe staring back at you?

Don’t put up a front here, what does your gut tell you?

Are you happy with the way you look? Is your patchy beard making you look much older than you are? Does your skin look blotchy and worn out?

For many of you this is definitely the case.

I hate to sound harsh but facing reality is the best medicine and the potential wake up call you need to get on the right track.

And that track begins with a well-groomed face.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the powerful, positive effects a solid grooming routine can have on a man.

But just to be sure….. Here are some of the positives.

1) You Look Well Put-Together

If you want to look like you have your shit together, make sure it’s written all over your face. Being well groomed will go a long way in helping you gain more respect.

2) You Become More Approachable

Being approached more in business and personal situations is a great feeling. Just think of that for a second. Who doesn’t want that?! Looking good and having a healthy, vibrant face can make this a reality.

3) You Fight the Early Signs of Aging

Like it or not, we are getting older every second. It sounds frightening but the truth often is. Luckily for us, there are ways to fight Father Time’s assault on our skin. Mastering the art of men’s facial grooming using high quality products is one of these ways.

4) You Create Confidence

You read that right…and it’s not only from the fact you look better than your un-groomed self. Hey, it’s not easy sticking with a routine consistently. Being consistent in one area of your life will transcend over to others. That’s a HUGE advantage to have.

Ok, I can make an entire blog post on the benefits of a well-groomed face but that’s a little too generic and not my goal for this post.

This post is also focusing only on FACIAL SKINCARE, not facial hair. I personally have a beard and believe many men should consider growing one but for this specific post, facial hair won’t be mention much (if at all).

Instead, I want to give you a list of facial skincare products to purchase to set you on the path to success.

Matte for Men Complete Face Care Lotion Pump

To be honest with you, I just discovered this product back in October and it has become a staple for me ever since. It’s amazing how great this product is.

What makes the Matte for Men Complete Face Care Lotion Pump so effective is the unique combination of moisturizing ingredients and the fact it offers UV protection (SPF 30). After using this product for just a week, I noticed how even my skin tone appeared.

Any minor blemishes I had were greatly reduced. This is thanks to litsea, an essential oil that fights bacteria and inflammation to the skin. The antioxidants from olive leaf, green tea, aloe leaf and grape seed extracts leaves my skin feeling fresh and supple after just a few applications.

The pump itself is easy to use and doesn’t get clogged up after multiple uses. I’m a busy guy and the simple, added convenience of the pump makes my morning that much easier. It’s the little things that count.

I find this product works best after showering (either in the morning or night, it doesn’t matter). While all three products are great and a worthy investment, this one would be my top recommendation if you had to choose. Try this product out and incorporate it into your morning routine and let me know what you think.

Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Clay

As men, we all face the daily grind called life. It’s only natural we get a little dirty in the process.

While getting dirty is natural (and can sometimes be fun), it’s by no means an acceptable way to make a first impression. More often than not, you will project a bad impression if your cleanliness is lacking.

This is why Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Clay is a worthy product to add to your grooming routine.

The laolin and betonite clays works as a one-two punch, absorbing any skip impurities in your skin. The Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Clay is full of the good stuff your skin needs. Specifically vitamins A, C & E work together reducing inflammation and minimizing the effects of aging.

Apply the clay once or twice a week in the mornings right after applying the Matte for Men Complete Face Care Lotion Pump.

Matte for Men Hydrating Citrus Protective Lip Balm

One often-neglected area in the face for men is none other than the lips.

It’s a tough thing to fathom given how essential lips are for men. Not only are the the focal point when speaking they are also one of the more passionate tools at our disposal.

The Matte for Men Hydrating Citrus Protective Lip Balm is nothing short of versatile. It doesn’t matter if you are out in either end of the extreme weather spectrum. Heat or cold is no match for the protection offered by this lip balm.

This lip balm is a breeze to put on as well. Simple apply the Matte Protective Lip balm directly to you lips where necessary. Especially when exposed to heat or the harsh cold conditions during the winter months.

Conclusion – Men’s Facial Grooming is Important

Like it or not, the way your face looks can be the deciding factor in landing that promotion, getting a date with your dream girl, or having a great social circle. While you can’t fully change how you look, why not optimize what you do have in your control? Being well groomed using high quality products consistently is one thing that’s on you. Make the most of it and reap the benefits.