Grooming, Lifestyle, Questions from our Readers / July 20th, 2015

My Morning Routine | Start Your Day Off With Success

I love receiving emails from my readers.

If I can make a small contribution to their lives by offering some insights based on practices I follow, I can honestly say I’m performing my job effectively.

I received an email last month in regards to my morning routine and it opened my eyes to a potential article my readers could benefit from. Perhaps creating a great article in the process.

To start things off get it into your head that the choices we make directly result in our success in life.

To put this in perspective, when you wake up in the morning, you start off on the same playing field to the likes of Warren Buffett, George Clooney and Bill Gates. Opening our eyes is the first thing we all do. Square one for all.

The immediate steps that follow are what separates the poor from the good and the good from the great.

When I say immediate, I really mean IMMEDIATE.

It starts with how you begin your morning. This gent who sent me the email gets that.

In fact, here is his question in its entirety.

Hi there, I have heard from YouTubers and bloggers throughout the net on the importance of having a morning routine. What are your thoughts on this? I really do believe a great morning routine can turn effort to success but I have a hard time keeping things consistent. I’m curious to hear your thoughts from an image perspective so I can take on the day looking and feeling my absolute best.


Reading Sam’s question, you immediately see the word that’s the key to success. At least it jumps out at me right away.

Any idea what word that is?


Yes, good and bad habits are formed based on consistency. Do what you can to cement this into your brain. No one gets far without any consistency in his or her life.

With that said, here is my full morning routine for you Sam and any other Timeless Gent readers who asked for this.

6:30 am – Wake Up Time

Before the sun comes up my eyelids slowly start to lift up. I’m not a morning person at all. I would much rather sleep well past 8:00 am but my competition is not so I force myself to get moving.

Studies have shown that successful people start the day off early and I make it my mission to follow the greats as much as I can.

Right after I wake up I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, I then take 15-20 minutes going over my to-do list to see what I plan to accomplish. Running a blog can be tough stuff so I try to be as organized as possible to avoid aimlessly doing random things. Having a set plan is really important.

Once I remind myself what I set to achieve, I go back in the bathroom for some skin rejuvenation.

7:00 am – Skincare Routine

I wrote an article on 7 tips to help your skin fight off ageing a few weeks ago and I find incorporating this into your morning routine is the best way to develop and maintain that youthful skin.

I want to prolong my face looking like a raisin as much as possible. With that said, here are the products I use regularly.

Shiseido – Facial Cleanser

This is my favorite skincare product by far.

The first part of my skincare routine has me washing my face removing any dirt buildup on my skin. The Shiseido facial cleanser is, in my opinion, the best product to use to get the job done.

I especially love this product as it not only plays the role of cleanser, it also leaves your skin highly moisturized. My skin never feels dry after using the Shiseido Facial Cleanser.

Those of you who aren’t familiar with Shiseido, they are a Japanese brand that creates high-end skincare products for men and women. I highly recommend you give them a shot.

Innovative Skincare – Protect SPF 30

I’m a firm believer of products working multiple roles for you. This helps me justify paying high prices, especially if they work well in these areas.

Innovative Skincare is a premier brand that specializes in anti-aging creams and serums. One of my favorite products of theirs is the SPF 30 sunscreen appropriately labeled “Protect”

This product is exceptional, as it not only protects you from harmful UV rays it acts as a great daily moisturizer as well.

This product will set you back $100 or so but you will notice improvements to your skin after a weeks worth of use. I Love this product.

Kiehl – Heavy Duty Eye Repair

One of the first signs of ageing noticeable on our face is right next to the eyes. It only gets more noticeable when smiling.

Nothing should stop us from smiling and the Kiehl heavy-duty eye repair cream will ensure you keep showing your pearly whites.

This eye repair is best used at night just before going to bed but a few times a week I dab a bit as part of my morning routine.

It only takes a few uses before you begin to notice your crow’s feet diminishing. A great eye cream every man should have in his cabinet.

MJP – Dual Facial Mask

I don’t use a facial mask that much but when I do, you can bet it’s by MJP.

This product removes any blemishes and impurities while smoothing your skins texture.

Add in the fact that this facial mask also hydrates the skin and you got one heck of a product.

If you do decide to purchase this product, only apply once or twice a week to avoid drying out your skin.

7:30 am – Work Out

Your body is your temple and the most important piece of real estate you own.

I work out 6 days a week with a few of those days going at it twice. For my morning workouts I focus on one of two things.

  • Calisthenics – Body weight type workouts to build strength and lean muscle such as pushups, pull-ups, dips and bodyweight squats. Hey, the harder you workout the better looking you will be in those tailored clothes!
  • Running – I signed up to a marathon in October so I’m doing this by force but I noticed running really leans out the body when incorporated with your existing workout regimen. I run for an average of 8 km on the mornings I do.

Next on the list I hit the shower and continue with the rest of my morning routine.

*For those of you wondering, I do either functional training or weight training 3 days a week on the evenings.

8:15 am – Breakfast

Now it’s time for one of my favorite things to do… fuelling my body by eating 🙂

For breakfast, my goal is to eat lean while being satiated for many hours. There are days where I skip lunch and have a big dinner instead so it’s important I stay full.

Here is a typical breakfast I have in the morning (roughly 3-4 days a week)

  • One bowl of plain oatmeal with half a scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 4 egg whites with spinach and garlic
  • Half an avocado
  • 1 whole grape fruit
  • Bottle of water

Pretty simple and it does the trick.

With all of that out of the way I get to business.

8:45 am – Research and Learning

Most people in North America work 9-5 jobs. I approach my business and personal development a little differently as a whole.

Before I work on Timeless Gent I first take some time to learn and get inspired.

I put no boundaries on my learnings. As an example, here are a few places I go to for inspiration.

  • Men’s Style blogs – I like many style blogs on the net today with Effortless Gent and MDV Style among my favourites. If I like the content and images on the site I will dive deeper. My aim is to get inspired by some of the outfits I see on these blogs while trying to learn something new in menswear.
  • TED Talks – I try to listen to 1-2 TED talks a day. I like popular topics like marketing and business but don’t be surprised to catch me viewing some science or tech topics as well. We all have some geek in us 🙂
  • Men’s Style Books – I like good ol’fashioned books as well. Besides, I have learned so much from classics like A Guy’s Guide to Style and Men’s Style: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Dress. Highly recommended if you ever want to take your style further.

I look forward to this part of the day as it keeps me motivated for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. Give it a shot and dedicate at least 30 minutes each morning to learning. Beat your competition by sheer knowledge!

10:00 am – Work

For the final part of my morning (and well into the afternoon) I work an average of 4-5 hours on Timeless Gent before taking a break.

Running your own blog has you wearing a crazy amount of hats.

  • Writing future blog posts. I currently publish an article every Monday and there is a great deal of work that goes into them. The writing and editing are the big ones but image selection and photo shoots take time as well.
  • Networking is another critical task of the day. Come to think of it, networking never really ends! I reach out and engage with potential advertisers, sponsors and fellow bloggers on the daily.
  • Product development is another area that’s slowly taking up more of my time. In order to continue to dish out articles well over 1,200 words weekly I have to monetize my business further. 2 products will be coming out within the next 2-3 months if all goes well.
  • Consulting and Reader Questions – A chunk of Timeless Gent’s revenue comes from working with men like you to help shape an image they can be proud of. I love this part of my business but it can be overwhelming at times. Some days I can be booked solid with this alone!
  • Last on the list is miscellaneous items such as bookkeeping and working with vendors. Some might find this the boring part of my day but I’ve learned to enjoy it.

That’s all gents. My morning routine doesn’t stray too far from this on a regular basis. As mentioned before, consistency is key.

Now I want to hear from you! Do you have a morning routine? How does it look like? Let me know on the comments below!