• Lifestyle, Style Advice / November 23rd, 2015

    21 Timeless Quotes on Men’s Style

    You like to dress well. Being the centre of attention for all the right reasons is a key driver for you. Having the charisma and the confidence of a wolf is enough to push you through those trying times when dressing well may seem more like a chore. Let’s face it; it happens to all […]

  • Lifestyle, Personality / November 9th, 2015

    Conquer Public Speaking | Tips to Overcome Your Irrational Fear

    I believe I speak for most men when I say there isn’t much that scares me. I also like to believe this isn’t just wishful thinking that’s going on in my head. While we can put on a brave face and conquer most things that get thrown our way, there still are instances that make […]

  • Style Advice / October 26th, 2015

    3 Outfits to Wear This Fall | Timeless Looks for the Autumn Season

    Fall. Autumn. Harvest. Call it what you like. The variety of names available for my favorite season is an ideal connection to an equally favorite topic of mine. Men’s style. It’s the options that make it great. Autumn is truly unique based on the practical freedom it provides the stylish man. What other season can […]

  • Style Advice / October 12th, 2015

    Level Up Your Style

    I have a confession to make. Ever since I was little, I’ve been an avid fan of video games. Shocking isn’t it? It’s the sense of adventure that does it. For a kid, it’s a difficult pastime to resist. Although I don’t play as much as I used to, I still have a firm appreciation […]

  • Lifestyle, Personality / September 28th, 2015

    5 Tips for Better Conference Calls

    I have worked in the corporate world for a few years now and a couple of common traits stick out to me. For starters first impressions matter in business. First impressions matter when trying to impress that perspective client or when looking to make a mark on your career by showing what you’re made of. Secondly, […]