Product Reviews / May 7th, 2015

Product Review | 2UNDR Swing Shift Underwear

Comfort is the catalyst for a lot of things.

You can’t be confident in your surroundings without being comfortable first.

It’s difficult to be seen as attractive if you aren’t comfortable either.

Being comfortable has a great deal to do with the clothes you wear and the closer the layer is to your skin the more critical it becomes.

When I was approached by 2UNDR to do a review of their navy swing shift underwear I knew immediately what I was going to base my judgment on.


So kick back, relax and read my in-depth interview to see if a pair of Swing Shift underwear from 2UNDR is worthy of your purchase.

About 2UNDR

2UNDR started out as a small company with a big vision. To create a high performance athletic inspired underwear for men with the ability to also be worn in casual settings.

In other words, 2UNDR wants to create the most versatile underwear out there.

2UNDR started out in Vancouver, British Columbia and has since made its mark around the world.

The 2UNDR Swing Shift Underwear Review

I received the well packaged box in the mail via UPS very quickly. I didn’t have to wait too long for the underwear to arrive at my door, which is always a worry of mine when making an online purchase.

I can confidently say that 2UNDR paid special care to the packaging of the item as well. There were no signs of visible wear to the box itself all the way to the contents held within.

The packaging within the box had an elegant design subtlety detailing the 2UNDR logo. I like the fact that the box containing the underwear offers a description of the patent pending Joey pouch along with specs that highlight the Swing Shift underwear.

Looking at the Swing Shift underwear also passes the test. The navy blue color offers a a level of class expected of a high quality item. The grey accent colors compliment the navy blue well for an overall appealing package.

Touching the fabric, you can immediately tell that 2UNDR had comfort in mind when design the Swing Shift product line. It just feels exceptional. This must be due to the high quality beechwood fiber. Beechwood fiber has built a reputation of resisting shrinkage and combating friction – a leading culprit of fading.

These underwear are also extremely durable. After repeat washes, I didn’t notice any wear and tear lower quality underwear are prone to.

I took a little over a week to test the Swing Shift (hence, all the washing cycles) and I must say how impressed I am. The fabric hugs your skin nicely without me ever feeling restricted at all. It provided a perfect balance of stability and breathability which is all you can really demand from a good pair of underwear.

Given that the Swing Swift underwear is high quality, what really sets this product apart from the competition?

  • The Patent Pending Joey Pouch – A soft and comfortable section to protect what needs to be protected.
  • The Fly – I can’t understand why some brands opt to not include an opening on men’s under. The fly is just practical. 2UNDR doesn’t make this mistake. The fly also allows increased air flow to improve breathability and reduce sweat.
  • The Band – All Swing Shift underwear use a blend of Modal & Spandex for great fit and comfort.

As far as price goes, the Swing Shift underwear is really competitive. You can grab yourself a pair for $24.99 which is what you would expect from a pair of underwear of this caliber.

In conclusion – You can’t go wrong purchasing a few pairs of underwear from the Swing Shift line. You won’t lack any comfort when playing sports with the guys or wearing a pair in the summer heat sipping on some cocktails.

  • ddpacino

    Tried these, MyPakage, and Saxx — all modal fabrics w/ pouches (or just mesh panels like on Saxx). The 2UNDRs are my favorite ones.