Product Reviews / August 3rd, 2015

Product Review | Bonobos Dress Shirt

Men’s style isn’t encumbered with as many rules as women’s fashion.

This isn’t rocket science to us guys.

The few rules we do have are of the critical sort and important to get right in order to look good.

The most important rule of all is fit. Fit is king.

From trousers to your dress shirt, everything must fit the man well or it doesn’t matter how much he paid for his brand name apparel.

Which is why I’m excited to write a review on a specific dress shirt I purchased that not only looked great but had a fit that looked great one me from day one.

The company is called Bonobos, which has built sort of a cult following in the US given their high quality clothing in great looking styles.

I had the pleasure of purchasing one of Bonobos’ dress shirts recently called the Daily Grind No Pocket. Here is the detailed review of this fine garment.

About Bonobos

If you look into Bonobos’ history, you will see fit is very important to them. It’s pretty much engrained into their entire culture.

To drive this point home, the founders created Bonobos for the simple fact that they could find a pair of pants that fit them well.

Bonobos’ signature construction and style of their pants catapulted them to one of the top players in men’s style. If you include their dominant online presence you have the full recipe for success in the world of men’s style.

The Daily Grind No Pocket Dress Shirt Review

For this specific review, I’m going to talk about a recent purchase I made while in the United States, which was the Bonobos Daily Grind No Pocket dress shirt in light blue.

I was in need of some blue dress shirts as I sadly ripped my favorite one :(. I wanted to try a brand I was unfamiliar with that was also durable enough for regular use. I heard some great things on the Bonobos brand and decided to give one of their dress shirts a shot.

While browsing the Bonobos website and looking at their dress shirt offerings, I want to point out that I liked the customization elements available for the collars. For my purchase, I opted for the spread collar as it’s versatile enough to go with most things in my closet. The overall checkout process was a breeze and took only a few steps to complete my transaction.

Once I received my shirt, I gave it a once over and checked for any blemishes. I’m happy to report the garment was free from any imperfections. The stitching was a pleasant surprise as it transitioned seamlessly throughout. my first impression of this shirt was nothing short of great.

I also love that this dress shirt doesn’t have a pocket on the right or left chest area (as mentioned in the name). I’m not a fan of pockets on dress shirts at all as it makes for a clumsy appearance. Simplicity is stylish and Bonobos gets that.

As far as durability, you can’t get much better than the daily grind. I have worn this shirt quite regularly the last 5 weeks, wearing it from family events to business meetings. I brought it to the dry cleaners twice already and nothing looks worn out so far.

What I Liked

  • Great fit. The fit of the shoulders is especially well crafted. I brought it to the tailor to tuck in the waist a bit but that’s because I like my shirts slim.
  • Wrinkle resistance – You can wash these shirts and wear them regularly without much ironing. A real time saver
  • Fabric – 100% wrinkle free cotton
  • 2 back shoulder pleats
  • Solid double button cuffs
  • Sharp color selection

What Could Be Improved

  • Wider color selection
  • Arm length sizing in addition to collar


Given how much of a workhorse the Daily Grind No Pocket dress shirt can be for a man, it’s a steal at 98.00 USD. Unfortunately orders are limited to the United States only from what I can tell… but I bet that will change soon.


In conclusion I recommend you check out Bonobos for their Daily Grind No pocket dress shirts and all their other products available online. If you do end up purchasing one of their products, send me an email and let me know what you think of it!

Have a great one.