Product Reviews / May 23rd, 2016

Product Review | Reebok One Series Advantage Lightweight Hoodie

As a man, I want to look good in all areas of my life.

I’m sure you do as well.

It doesn’t matter if I’m meeting prospective clients during the day or out on a casual stroll sipping on an espresso. I like to be consistent with my look.

Which is looking good all the time.

Most of the time it’s easy. Pick and choose colors that match your skin tone while accurately fitting your body and personal style well will set you on the right track.

It only gets a little difficult for those of us living an active life, which ALL of you should be.

If you’re thinking fitness should be top of mind when sweating it out over your appearance, you are partially right. Fitness should be the most important part of working out.

Just not at the expense of your appearance.

I made it a personal journey of mine to find the best workout clothes in terms of functionality but equally important, style.

After much shopping resulting in trial and error, I think I found an athletic brand that truly gets it. The brand is Reebok… I’m fairly certain you’ve heard of them.

I recently had the pleasure of trying one of their hoodies called the One Series Advantage Lightweight fitted Hoodie for a good two weeks. Below you will find my in-depth review on this well made hoodie and why you should make an effort to get a few in your closet now.

Searching for stylish athletic apparel was a daunting task, but one I’m glad I took on. Given I focus mainly on luxury and more formal items on Timeless Gent, I went a little out of my element here. The journey was fun and I’m thinking of making a series of posts for this topic. Like I said, you can look good while working to look good.

Now – On to the review!

The Reebok One Series Advantage Hoodie

Once I received my package in the mail, I gave it the same treatment I give all the products I review.

First – Determining if this hoodie passes the first impression test.

Hoodies for the most part don’t sit well with me…. Accept when working out. I’m actually pro-hoodie while working out IF the following criteria is met:

1 – the color is neutral

2 – It hugs the body in all the right places, highlight the physique

3 – Versatile enough to transition to and from the gym.

Inspecting the Reebok One Series Advantage Lightweight hoodie, I’m glad to say it looks even better than the pictures via Reebok’s online store.

The brushed fabrication spells high quality at first glance. The charcoal color is a great neutral tone coupled with accenting black stripe circling the bicep.

Touching the hoodie is also an experience. It’s soft to the touch and feels very lightweight, which is exactly what you want when lifting some heavy iron or going for a run.

What really won me over was actually trying the One Series Advantage hoodie on. This is a slim hoodie and really hugs the contours of my body. I felt it gave the sense my muscle definition was visible over the fabric but didn’t feel restricting in any way. In fact, I was free to move without any restrictions at all. I could lift my arms, bend over and twist my body easily. I can very much envision this being my go-to workout hoodie in the future.

Another feature of the Reebok One Series Advantage hoodie to call out is its breathability. Mesh is strategically placed at the underarms, an area infamously prone to sweating during physical activity. The material Reebok uses and engineered called Speedwick helps wick away sweat keeping the skin dry. I was able to workout longer and with higher intensity while maintaining comfort compared to other hoodies in the market. A big plus for me.

If you’ve read any of my earlier reviews on this site, you would know it’s the little details that seal the deal for me. Reebok doesn’t hold any punches with the One Series advantage hoodie.

The zipped pockets and thumbnail holes are huge pluses for me but it’s what they didn’t put it that makes this hoodie shine. There is no big branding here. The Reebok logo is subtly displayed on the shoulder. Loudness should be left to the performance of the hoodie and the Reebok One Series Advantage definitely takes the cake here.

To top it off, this hoodie looks good! I would even say this hoodie is a great transition piece going to and from the gym. I wouldn’t feel embarrassed with this on. I personally prefer the dark grey color but this hoodie comes in blue for those that like a sportier look.

All in all, I’m definitely glad I gave the Reebok One Series Advantage a shot as it really encompasses all I need in a workout hoodie. I highly recommend you give this hoodie a shot. For $60 USD, you would be hard-pressed finding a hoodie that works and looks as good as this one does.

You can find the Reebok One Series Advantage Hoodie here