Product Reviews / November 7th, 2016

Product Review | Scentbird Monthly Subscription Service

Men take a great deal of pride in looking good.

While a key component, the visuals do not cover all aspects when trying to make a great first impression.

In fact, scent is also a key element of style perfection.

Men still have a hard time figuring out scent. This is easy to spot in department chains and high-end boutique stores across the world. A typical guy can be seen strolling around the men’s fragrance aisle, with what can only be described as a clueless look on their face trying to find the perfect cologne.

Believe it or not, men’s fragrances can be complex. One combination of scents can work well in the office but terrible on a date, for example. Throw in the amount of brands available and it’s no wonder men everywhere are having a hard time making sound purchasing decisions.

What’s a guy to do?

Enter Scentbird.

About Scentbird

Scentbird offers fragrances via a monthly subscription service for both men and women. The magic of Scentbird’s business model is it allows you to try a fragrance for a month before deciding if that product is a keeper or not. No strings attached.

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If you think about this for a second, it makes sense. There are numerous bottles of cologne on my nightstand that are collecting dust because I outgrew the scent or from sheer boredom wearing it day in and day out. Scent Bird was born from this very issue, stating they want to eliminate cologne bottles living in the “Perfume Graveyard” their clever way of stating bottles no longer loved or worn by you.

With that said, I had the pleasure of trying out their subscription service last month with a set of Salvatore Ferragamo Aqua Essenziale cologne samples.

So….how did Scentbird turn out? Please continue to read on below for my review on the Scentbird Subscription Service

How Scentbird Works

Before jumping into the review, I thought it best to give you a quick rundown on how Scentbird works.

  • The first step is logging into scentbird.com and reviewing their vast selection of colognes
  • Choose the fragrance of your choice for the low cost of $14.95 US/Monthly
  • Your supply will be mailed to your door on a monthly basis. Yes, it’s that simple!

Initial Thoughts

I received my products in a well sorted package in the mail very quickly after my selection. The package itself was compact and very secure. In this particular package, I had two sample bottles of fragrance to try for the month.

Each sample bottle came in it’s own material sachet. The individual packaging with the subtle Scentbird branding provided that extra bit of quality I would expect from anything related to fragrances.

The actual sample spray was just as elegant. I love the simple black tone of the sample and the function of twisting it to reveal the spray.

To say I was impressed right out off the bat would be an understatement.

The Scentbird Subscription Service Review

One of the initial concerns I had about a monthly service was if the quantity provided of a typical fragrance would be enough for an entire month. It’s safe to say that men are unique beasts. Some feel one spray is enough for the day while another may use 5-6.

My concern was soon erased after my one month of service as I still have pretty much the entire second sample well on my fourth week!  To say that Scentbird provides a generous amount of product is an understatement.

The fragrance quality was another thing I wanted to keep a keen eye on. I personally own a bottle of Salvatore Ferragamo’s Aqua Essenziale and chose my selection with the aim of comparing to the sample received by Scentbird. As expected, the texture, scent and longevity of the products were identical. You can rest assured knowing that the products you receive in the mail are the same as purchasing from any of the top brands directly.

I was also pleased by the ease of use of the spray bottles. It’s small enough to be stored anywhere and can easily accommodate you on your travels to the gym, work or anywhere life decides to take you. This is an important feature that Scentbird addressed. being able smell your best under any circumstance is critical.

Lastly, and most importantly – You never have to get bored using the same scent again after your month is up. Scentbird is flexible enough to allow you to have the same fragrance scent to your door or a new one every month if you are the adventurous type. I actually look forward to browsing Scentbird’s website with the hopes of finding a new fragrance to experiment with.

SCENTBIRD25 – SAVE 25% OFF Your 1st Month’s Subscription!

This should help men everywhere who struggle finding their signature fragrance on first strike. You can now take time finding the perfect brand while having fun along the way.


If you haven’t already guessed, I’m officially a fan of Scentbird. The endless selection of their fragrances coupled with their unique and effortless system is nothing short of a winner in my book.

I definitely recommend the Scentbird subscription service to any man. I challenge you to try out some new fragrances to add to your arsenal. Click Here to view Scentbird’s men’s product offering.