Product Reviews / January 2nd, 2017

Product Review | The Standard Shirt

We now live in a world where being the flashiest, trendiest version of yourself will award you with the largest and widest amount of attention.

Attention is great! I’m all for it.

What I don’t like is the way attention is earned nowadays. Wearing the brightest colors, acting abnormally or even performing weird activities will get you attention… but at a cost.

Instead, why not go for something a bit simpler, a bit more elegant? You would be surprised how much of a statement simplicity can make.

Enter Standard Shirt.

Standard Shirt claims to make one thing and one thing well, the iconic white dress shirt.

About Standard Shirt

Standard Shirt was founded in New York City by three friends with one goal: to create a simple, well cut shirt that’s priced great. Standard Shirt is looking to close the gap between the cheap and poorly cut off-the-rack options and the exclusive, pricey bespoke varieties.

Their vision to accomplish this is by providing a perfect balance of quality, craftsmanship and price.

All of Standard Shirt’s products are designed in New York and crafted by an industry expert in Seoul, Korea. This allows them to save costs by cutting out the need for a middle man as all aspects pertaining to their shirts are made in one sole location.

During the last two weeks, I was lucky enough to try out one of Standard Shirt’s dress shirts. What you’re reading now is a detailed review of my experience with this shirt and how it stacks up to the competition.

The Standard Shirt Review

If you purchased anything online before, and I know you have, the end product consists of more than just the product itself. I always aim to literally review the entire package.

One of the first things I review is how fast shipping arrives at my front door and how well the product is packaged. In this case, I was pleased at the results for both criteria. Shipping took just under 2 weeks, which is in line with smaller retailers making a semi-custom product. The item arrived well packaged with no blemishes at all to the shirt. The subtle detail containing Standard Shirt’s branding on the package is a nice tough without overdoing it.

Now let’s discuss the product itself – the Standard Shirt.

First, let’s look at what works really well for The Standard Shirt. Given you can often see me wearing a dress shirt without a tie, I really appreciate the construction of the collar. The collar itself has additional material sewn in to mitigate the chance the collar will wilt when going tieless. I washed this shirt twice and still experience a sturdy collar, which is a real game-changer in the shirt industry.

Now onto my favourite quality of the Standard Shirt – Fit. Just by entering my measurements online, I was able to get a shirt that fits extremely well. This is probably the best fitted shirt I purchased online and believe me, I tried a few! The shirt hugged the contours of my body without making me feel uncomfortable. Overall, this is a modern fitted dress shirt.

Lastly, my review would be a failure if I didn’t talk about fabric. Interestingly enough, The Standard Shirt uses Xinjiang cotton to construct their shirts. Xinjiang cotton has its origins in China and is gaining rapid popularity with well-known Japanese clothing brands. I’m sure this will eventually extend to other countries and regions as well.

One of the key benefits of Xinjiang cotton is how soft it feels when turned into a cloth. Don’t worry; the softness of Xinjiang cotton does not indicate its lack of durability. Xinjiang cotton provides a great balance between softness and sturdiness that will grant is user comfort after many uses.

As for what doesn’t work so well for the Standard Shirt, the list is much shorter. In fact, there’s only one minor issue I had with the shirt overall after wearing it for a few weeks. While I love the collar and the way it’s structured, I found it a tad too rough when making contact with my skin. This caused minor discomfort when out and about and moving around a great deal. However, it seemed to get better the more I wore the shirt so it may have just been the crispness of wearing it the first few times.

All in all, I’m really satisfied with the Standard Shirt. I’m happy to say it has been added to my ever growing list of white dress shirts!


Overall, The Standard Shirt will make a great addition to any man’s wardrobe. The cut of the shirt is great and the quality for the price is hard to beat. A man can never have too many white dress shirts in his closet. Why not give Standard Shirt a try? You’ll be glad you did.

You can purchase your Standard Shirt here.