Product Reviews / February 9th, 2014

Product Review | The Mack Weldon Underwear Line

Over the course of the last decade or so, men have been reuniting with their personal style, becoming more in tune with what they enjoy wearing and what makes them feel great.

Feeling great isn’t triggered after you are wearing your entire outfit but actually happens on items others can’t see. The combination of style, fit and comfort stems from the fabric that is closest to your skin.

One company that dedicates their business to men looking and feeling great at this personal layer is Mack Weldon.

I had the opportunity to test out some of Mack Weldon’s products in their underwear line, which includes undershirts, briefs, trunks & socks.

Please continue to read on below for my full review on the Mack Weldon underwear line.

About Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon was started by two men, named Brian Berger & Michael Isaacson who were looking to greatly increase the experience for men purchasing socks and underwear online.

Mack Weldon prides itself in delivering “old school quality with modern technology”. While this would be an advantage over others in the underwear game from the get-go, Mack Weldon wanted to deliver more. On top of offering quality products, Mack Weldon ensures replenishing your inventory a simple matter, striving to make the customers experience easy and pain-free,

Initial Thoughts

I received my products in a nice looking sachet in the mail in a very timely fashion. The sachet itself is compact but able to store a good amount of product. In this particular package, I had a white undershirt, 1 brief, 1 boxer trunks and a colorful pair of socks.

The first thing I noticed when pulling the products out was the quality of the fabric to the touch. The right amount of softness was noticeable on the undershirt and quality was apparent on the boxers. The fabric on the socks was also of high quality  in bold coloring that brings out that extra character to a stylish outfit.

To say I was impressed right out of the gate would be an understatement.

The Mack Weldon Underwear Line Review

First off, let me talk a little bit about the Mack Weldon undershirt. Initially, I didn’t have much enthusiasm trying this item out but boy was I pleasantly surprised when I did. The fabric and cut perfectly hug the body without that restricted feeling you usually get with similar cuts. It feels more like a second skin than anything else. I was also impressed by the breathability of this undershirt, even testing it out at the gym with great results. The undershirt is effectively designed to wick away moisture & to keep your skin cool.

Mack Weldon review

There are various ways I can see this shirt being worn. Like it was intended, it makes a great undershirt and the perfect first layer. It would go really well with a V-neck sweater over top. Given the slim fit, I would go as far as to say the Mack Weldon undershirt would look great on it’s own!

After testing the undershirt, my expectations for the remaining products I received were high. Like the undershirt before, the briefs and trunks are a real winner. One thing to point out though, they do take a little time figuring out how to put on given that the sizing label is on the outside instead of the inside like most men are used to. However, once I tested the briefs and trunks for the first time, I immediately forgot about that little side step. These may be the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. Everything from the waistband, which is snug but not intrusive, to the pouch is excellently crafted and comfortable.

The trunks and briefs also look really well. The fit is what I’m most impressed with, designed to fit the everyday male. I don’t mean that the sizing is geared to everyone but the fabric and technology used is built to hug the body, and not sag in areas, like other underwear brands.

The color selection Mack Weldon uses for their products are versatile, which is a great thing. This holds especially true with their sock selection. Mack Weldon offers their socks in various colors, from the bold & bright that are so popular today, to the classic selection of whites and greys. As I have mentioned before, it’s great to show your character with color on smaller items in your outfit and socks are a great place to add that dash of brightness.

The socks feel great on as well. The fabric feels cozy and will provide warmth in colder temperatures (I have tested this out specifically!) without restricting breathability. In a nutshell, your feet won’t sweat by having a pair of these socks on.


I have preached fit and comfort as crucial factors numerous times on this blog and Mack Weldon understands this logic. Overall, if you are looking for underwear that fits well & looks good to top it off, Mack Weldon has the products for you.

I definitely recommend Mack Weldon’s underwear line to any man. I challenge you to check them out for yourself. Click Here to view Mack Weldon’s product offering, including their new Silver line.