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Virtual Services
  • SILVER SessionPrice: $100.00 USD

    Do you need advice on a specific topic in luxury men’s style or have a few questions you want answered?

    Now is your chance to have direct email communication with me, the founder of Timeless Gent.

    You are free to ask me anything related to improving your image, building a more successful lifestyle or crafting that ever important first impression.

    This is a great option for men who don’t have a large budget but eager to start investing in themselves for overall improvement.

    What’s Included:

    • Email communication with Giuliano, the founder of Timeless Gent for up to 3 questions regarding men’s style advice.
    • Personalized recommendations based on your unique situation

    Email info@timelessgent.com for more information

  • GOLD SessionPrice: $250.00 USD

    If you’re a man who wants best in class image consulting in the virtual world, you may want to check out the Virtual Gold Session.

    I will work with you via multiple communication tools such as email & Skype to provide a more personal experience. The Virtual Gold session is designed to enhance your unique characteristics and image to make you a better man in the areas that are needed. As a result, photos will be required from you as well as a questionnaire to fill out.

    This is the ultimate bepsoke image consulting service available online for men.

    What’s included:

    • Virtual analysis of your body type, skin tone & facial structure
    • Review of your current & desired lifestyle
    • Existing wardrobe review
    • Personalized recommendations on future clothing purchases, hairstyle & any others areas that need improvement
    • 4-6 page report detailing my recommendations for you

    The session can span multiple days to include review time of photographs and questionnaire prior to online communication to ensure accurate consultation.

    Email info@timelessgent.com for more information

In Person Services
  • Closet SweepPrice: $450.00 USD

    Have an outdated wardrobe that just doesn’t fit your body type or style anymore?

    Let me come into your home and decide what items are worth keeping and what should go based on fit, quality and your personal style.

    What’s included:

    • Personal evaluation of your existing clothing & accessories
    • Analysis of your unique body type
    • Recommendations on type of clothing to purchase based on your skin tone and body type

    Total Duration: 3 Hours

    Email info@timelessgent.com for more information

  • Special Event PrepPrice: $500.00 USD

    If you have an important sales pitch to coming up or want to make a great impression on a first date, Timeless Gent has your back.

    I will personally come into your home and help you become a true gentleman for your big day. All aspects will be covered from your hairstyle to the shoes you wear to ensure you look your best.

    What’s included:

    • Analysis of your special event & desired outcome
    • Review of your personal style
    • Analysis of your body type, skin tone & facial structure
    • Current wardrobe review
    • Personal shopping for your big day

    Total Duration: 3 Hours

    Email info@timelessgent.com for more information

  • The Gentleman’s MakeoverPrice: $1200.00 USD

    PLEASE NOTE: Fully Booked until July 2016

    The ultimate package for a man who wants all the benefits gained from a complete transformation in style.

    This 2 day package starts off with a consultation to determine what improvements are needed and to gain a complete understanding of your personal style until an ideal vision is created.

    Day two brings that vision to life for the ultimate experience worthy of a true timeless gent.

    What’s included:

    • Full analysis of your image on day 1
    • Review of existing wardrobe
    • Personal shopping based on your unique characteristics
    • Hairstyle makeover from one of the top stylists in the Greater Toronto Area
    • Personality assessment & recommendations

    Total Duration: 10 Hours over 2 days

    Email info@timelessgent.com for more information

Personalized Coaching
  • Interactive Skype SessionsPrice: $100.00 USD / Per Hour

    You’re a unique individual and maybe a set package is just not a great fit for you.

    Instead, You may want to setup an interactive Skype session with me where I offer guidance on all things style, success and menswear.

    What’s included:

    • Interactive Skype sessions with me booked by the hour. Receive coaching for as little or as much as you like
    • Personalized recommendations based on your unique situation
    • Great for men looking to improve their style or even aspiring men’s style bloggers looking for coaching in this industry.

    Email info@timelessgent.com for more information