Grooming / June 15th, 2015

How to Have Great Skin | 7 Skincare Tips for Men

As I go through life I can’t help but be confronted by a constant thought that keeps creeping up the back of my mind.

Getting old sucks.

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I realize I should take comfort knowing “everyone” is facing this same scenario but it doesn’t make it any less depressing.

Last year, I was looking at myself in the mirror almost in a state of shock. I was, for the first time in my life, able to identify visible lines of ageing on the left side of my face.

To say this got me thinking about anti-ageing is an understatement.

Here I am, a guy in my early thirties staring morality right in the face.

And it was terrifying.

Being a style blogger and working with people in this industry has its advantages. Quite possibly the strongest of the bunch is having access to a network of experts such as style consultants, menswear leaders and…you guest it…. skincare specialists.

After a year of research I’ve put together a list of 7 skincare tips for men to incorporate into their daily routine to fight the signs of visible ageing. Besides, what man doesn’t want youthful looking skin as they get older?

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Getting an adequate amount of shuteye is very important on your quest to better looking skin.

Multiple studies have been conducted showing how the affects of poor sleeping habits directly correlate to poor skin conditions and our satisfaction levels with it.

Our skin goes through all sorts of abuse during the day, which accelerates the aging process. When in deep sleep, we receive a steady increase in growth hormones, aiding in the repair and restoration of these damaged cells.

This ONLY happens during deep sleep.

What that means is this: only sleeping for a few hours a day will allow the small breakdowns of your skin to accumulate resulting in more noticeable signs of ageing.

I recommend getting anywhere between 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Even more if you live an active lifestyle.


Every morning as part of my skincare routine I apply a moisturizer to my face and neck.

Before you snicker let me tell you how much of a common practice this is for the current generation of men. If you eliminate the 2008 recession from the equation, men have been almost equal to their female counterpart in sales of moisturizer.

Why wouldn’t this be the case?

We experience the same ageing effects as women. We suffer from dry, itchy skin that should raise an alarm in our heads to take action, as these are early warning signs of skin breakdown.

A good moisturizer is your first line of defence to ageing as it RETAINS (not specifically adds as most people believe) moisture to your skin that’s lost throughout the day. This is all thanks to occlusives, an agent that helps keep water from evaporating from your skin.

A big complaint men have with moisturizers is there strong; “floral” scent many of them have. The good news is many brands now create moisturizers specifically for men, containing a more masculine scent. If you want to avoid a scent completely, there are many unscented products available.


In the area of cleanliness we should look to women, listen and learn.

Based on a recent study, 90% of women wash their hands after using a public washroom compared to just 75% for men.

This is concerning since our hands touch are mouth and face consistently as we eat and interact with others throughout the day.

Getting a mild daily cleanser will help clean out your pores without drying your skin.

Try using a cleanser/moisturizer combination for 3 weeks and let me know your results. I bet you would be pleasantly surprised with them!


Clean eating not only makes you feel great and more energetic, it blesses you with great looking skin as well.

I’m sure you heard all this before – cut back on processed food to no more than once a week. Processed food is a huge culprit to acne and other unflattering signs of ageing such as blotchy skin.

Instead, have your diet consist of plenty of veggies, meat (or alternatives) and healthy carbs like sweet potato and brown rice. Foods rich in antioxidants have been shown to limit some causes of ageing so ensure food you consume contains a good dose of them.

Don’t be afraid of healthy fats such as avocado and salmon as the Omega 3 & 6 work wonders on your skin.

Eye Cream

The first signs of ageing are usually noticeable on the areas around your eyes. Bags under your lower eyelid and the subtle wrinkles called crow’s feet outside your eyes usually present themselves first.

Having either set of wrinkles will make you appear older than you really are. Even worse, you’ll give off the impression of being tired and worn out. Who wants to do business or date a guy that looks like a wreck?

While eliminating such things as smoking and reducing certain facial expressions (such as squinting) can help, using a high quality eye cream will seriously provide you with protection.

The skin around your eyes is super thin so getting a high quality product is essential here. Look for an eye cream that contains retinol, a vitamin A derivative that is an excellent combatant to ageing.


Sunscreen is simply the most important product to include in your skin care routine.

If you’re thinking to yourself that you live in a climate that’s not all that sunny, you should especially pay attention. Approximately 80% of UV rays penetrate through clouds leaving you as much at risk as anyone else.

The journal, Annals of Internal Medicine wanted to show just how much of an impact sunscreen can have on a persons skin with a study. A group of Australian researchers split up a group of 900+ white adults under the age of 55 into two groups. One group had to apply SFP 15 or greater sunscreen on their bodies every morning and after every shower. The second group could apply sunscreen whenever they liked.

It was found that the people in the daily use group showed significantly better skin after 4.5 years. Quite significant given how large of a sample was used for this study!

Remember – Sun damage is the leading cause of premature ageing and a serious cause of skin cancer. These statements alone should make you slab on some SPF 15 or greater.


While food is the definite pick for anti-ageing for men when done right, you shouldn’t ignore the power vitamins can have in this area.

The three vitamins you want to focus on are the following:

  • Vitamin A – A fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin A plays a key role in strengthening your immune system and maintaining good vision. Vitamin A also helps maintain cell growth and renewal. A fierce anti-ageing fighter.
  • Vitamin C – What can’t vitamin C do? A great antioxidant that provides protection against free radical damage. Vitamin C also aids in iron absorption to maintain your blood giving you are more balanced skin tone.
  • Vitamin E – Another fat-soluble vitamin that is an antioxidant. Vitamin E can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Limiting its effects it has on your skin.

Your local drugstore would have all three of these vitamins readily available. Seriously consider boosting your intake of each if you aren’t reaching the daily limit from your food.


Listen don’t let your skin down. Take care if it! By incorporating just a few of these suggestions would be beneficial but I seriously recommend including all of them for the ultimate defense to ageing.

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Stay young my friends.