Questions from our Readers, Style Advice / December 15th, 2013

How to be Stylish for a Holiday Party | A Guide for Men

As a member of the style council over at the Toronto Independent Fashion Scene, I got asked a really interesting question that is relevant for this time of year given the holiday season that I thought it a good idea to share with my readers of this blog. Feel free to post your comments below and let me know what you feel are great items to where during the holiday season for work and family get togethers.

Q: Fall/Winter is a busy time of year. I have a ton of  family and company holiday parties and events to attend. What are some appropriate items that I can pull from my closet or buy that won’t break the bank?

The holiday season is always a busy time of year and with all the formal events that the season holds, it’s a great time to show off your existing wardrobe and to purchase some new pieces.

Since your question covers both personal and corporate events, I will split my answer in two, as dressing appropriately for one will not necessarily work for the other.

Corporate / Company Events

Corporate holiday parties are more formal in nature and this should be reflected in the attire you choose for the event. If the event calls for black-tie affair, a good tuxedo or black, slim fitted suit will make you fit well within the crowd.

If the event is formal but not black tie, this is where you can sport a stylish navy blue suit and really stand out from the crowd. Just ensure that the suit is slim fitted to help frame your body structure. A baggy, ill fitted suit is never appealing.

Hopefully you have a few key suits in your wardrobe already. If you don’t, fear not as you can find some discounts during this time of year with the various “trunk sales” going on in the city. As a last resort, renting may be an option for you if your body frame matches close to the North American standard.

Family Functions

As far as family functions go, you can put away the two-piece suit and bring out some more refined casual wear.

We always have a personal preference for the cardigan and feel that it can be used in the most versatile of ways. All men should have a few cardigans in their closet in a variety of styles and colours. Feel free to check out our blog post on the cardigan for further info on this great garment.

The light grey shawl cardigan is both classy but casual enough to not feel uncomfortable with family and friends. Pair this with a white or light blue dress shirt underneath and blue jeans and you will look great while impressing your relatives and friends.

Swap the grey shawl cardigan with a deep brown button-up cardigan and you have a completely different look with pretty much the same outfit. This goes well with either a white or light blue dress shirt. Adding a deep blue tie will make the look more sophisticated and a great option if you want to impress your significant other’s parents and relatives. It is key to have items that match really well with each other to multiply your options.

There you have it. I hope this provides you with some great looks during the holiday season and good luck. Remember, always dress to impress!