Style Advice / April 13th, 2014

5 Items in Men’s Style Worth Spending Money On

Let’s face it; dressing well can be an expensive hobby. Not every man interested in his image has a large enough budget to spend on items outside the necessities of providing for their families as well as themselves.

With the rise in interest towards men’s style in Canada, the US and pretty much everywhere else, markup in menswear has increased a great deal. Couple this with the explosion of men’s clothing and accessories options; it becomes obvious that being stylish can come with a hefty price tag.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a large amount on all of your purchases. I actually think it is good advice to only splurge on a few select items in men’s style and skimp on pretty much everything else, especially if you are just discovering men’s style.

When it comes to men’s style, how do you determine what is worth spending money on and what would be better to skimp on? I like to base my decision on 3 factors

1. Amount of Use – If this is an item you think you are going to use many times, even daily, it would make sense you get something of higher quality. No one likes going to the store every few months to repair or replace an item due to the daily wear and tear it will be subject to.

2. Timeless Style – it is easy to get caught up in the fashion trends that we see in magazines and online fashion blogs but you must ask yourself if this item will be in style 1, 3 or even 10 years from now. In other words, does this purchase have timeless style that can outlive any current fashion trend?

3. Fits My Lifestyle – Another extremely important aspect to consider is how well this potential purchase fits into my own unique style. Men tend to change their style much slower than women, so it is important to make purchases that you actually will enjoy wearing.

Now that we have the criteria laid out, I’m going to present to you my 5 clothing and accessory items in the realm of men’s fashion that I would spend my hard earned money on to ensure quality is purchased:

A Classic Peacoat

If you live in a cold climate, this is a no-brainer. Given that it will be used a lot in the fall and winter months, a high quality peacoat is an investment in your style and one that you should splurge on. Look for high quality fabrics containing 100% of the source (i.e. 100% wool) instead of blended versions. A high quality pea coat will look exceptional tomorrow and 10 years from now.

A Tailored Navy Blue Blazer

I praise the navy blue blazer a bunch on this blog and for good reason. It quite possibly is the most versatile piece of clothing a man can own. It could be considered a staple in the corporate world and look just right while you’re enjoying a few cocktails with your significant other. Believe me, others will notice you if the blazer is tailored to fit you well and it’s amazing as it can be seen as such a subtle piece. Invest in your personal style, do yourself a favor and get one custom made for you. Your future self will thank you well after the purchase is made.


Shoes, like the pea coat, are items you will be wearing on a day-to-day basis. Black and brown should be the obvious choices here and in multiple variations: wing tips, monk straps and loafers. A good pair of chelsea boots couldn’t hurt either. The key to remember is to stick to style that you like and can be worn for years to come. High cost up front with years of use will minimize expenses in the long run compared to replacing mid-priced shoes annually. Your shoes can last a long time if you clean and maintain them properly.

Dress Shirts

By dress shirts, I am talking about white, blue and pink.

Get a few of each custom made for you in high fabrics and you are set for many years. The fit of a custom-made dress shirt alone will make you look and feel amazing. All other colors and patterns can be skimped on to save some of your hard earned cash.

A Charcoal or Light Grey Suit

Last on this list but definitely not least is in my opinion, a charcoal or light grey suit. The simple elegance of a grey suit sends off powerful vibes to others. It’s simplicity on it’s own is what gives it power, and it makes a difference to how you feel. I would go full bespoke on a grey suit. Pricey it is but also a worthwhile expense. You can also easily swap this out with a navy blue suit. Both are great options based on timeless style and versatility.

There you have it. My list of 5 items every man should spend money on for their style. Once you have these purchases as the core of your wardrobe, you will look great no doubt, and can incorporate many, less expensive items to compliment your look.

How about you? Do you agree with this list? Anything else you feel in men’s style that is worth spending money on?