TG Inspired Looks / August 27th, 2014

TG Inspired Look | Italian Style

This past week I had the pleasure of hanging out in Yorkville, one of my favorite neighbourhoods in the city of Toronto.

Yorkville is an affluent neighbourhood that has the very best in culinary treats, high-end fashion and little Italian cafes that have lots of character and charm.

Given my Italian heritage, I always seem to be attracted to such places and enjoy learning about the culture and how Italians are extremely passionate in whatever they do.

Style is not an exception to Italians

As you probably guessed by the pictures posted on this article and my introductory paragraphs that this is a blog post based on my outfit for the afternoon, 100% imported Italian items.

I was aiming to present items of clothing that do not match in terms of color but all compliment each other well. Complimenting colors and patterns for men are critical to get right as it can make you look great or like a mess. It really is a fine line.

In regards my look for the day, you will notice the subtle coloring of the light grey Tombolini blazer coupled with the pale blue Zegna shirt match perfectly together. The blue pants provide enough of a contrast to stand out in the outfit but not look out of place. The brown shoes and belt is the icing on the cake that ties everything together.

I truly love this look as I can pretty much wear it anywhere and know I look great but never out of place. I can easily wear this to a client presentation in the corporate world, on an afternoon date on a Friday night or to afternoon lunch with friends. Italians sure understand style and for the most part, create great fitted, high quality clothing.

I wanted to provide a good example of how style does not have to be trendy, with over-the-top colors to look sharp.

Is this a look you would wear? If so, in what setting?

Items Worn

Windowpane Blazer: Tombolini

Belt: Tombolini

Dress Shirt: Ermenegildo Zegna

Pants: Masttai Ferretti

Socks: McGregor Socks

Shoes: Paul Evans (Imported from Italy)