Style Advice / August 25th, 2013

The Style of Four | Make Better Purchasing Decisions

Over the course of the last several decades, men have lost touch with their personal style and what it means to look and dress their best.

Although there is increasing interest from men to dress well, most do not have the slightest idea what to look for and end up making bad purchasing decisions.

Let’s face it; most men need help when it comes to buying that sleek looking navy blazer or that classic pair of denim.

When the time comes for you to update your wardrobe, your best bet will be to follow The Style of Four.

I created the style of four as a guideline for men of all shapes and sizes to purchase clothing that is right for them.

A system that helps men avoid buyers remorse after purchasing clothes they likely will only wear a few times.

As the name suggests, the style of four consists of four pillars critical to get right.


Quality really is an important part to anything you purchase and clothing for men is no exception.

The key lies in the cut of the clothing and the fabric being used. Look for clothing that uses pure materials (i.e. 100% wool), not fusions that we are seeing much of recently. A sweater made of 100% wool is a higher quality item compared to one with 65% Wool and 35% Nylon.

Another tip is to look at the little details to determine quality. Have a dress shirt with chipped buttons? That happens frequently with cheap dress shirts. Feel the buttons on a high quality dress shirt and you will be amazed at the difference.


Every man sooner or later buys a shirt that fits like a tent or a pair of pants 3 sizes too big. Without proper fit, you will never look your best regardless how high quality the item is. The rule of thumb for items for your upper body is to ensure that the garment fits your shoulders correctly. A good tailor can alter the majority of other parts of the garment, such as sleeve length and waist size. With pants, ensure the belt line sits at your waist and does not fall when walking without a belt holding it up.

To ensure the best fit – bespoke and made-to-measure always trumps off the rack. However, you get what you pay for and bespoke and made-to-measure items can be significantly costlier.


This is one most men have a hard time with.

The first question to ask yourself is, does my skin look better with warm or cool colors?

Generally speaking, warm skin tones work best with warm colors and cool skin tones look best with cool colors.

Wearing colors that compliment your skin will make you look more alert, healthy and pleasing to the eye. The opposite end of the spectrum will have you like tired and unhealthy.

Take some time to study a color wheel and determine your own skin tone to make better buying decisions and have you look your best.


Last of the style of four is compatibility within your existing wardrobe.

Before purchasing anything, always think to your self: “Will this go with anything else in my closet?” If you can walk into your closet and randomly pick out a shirt, pants, shoes and any accessories and they all compliment each other, you have mastered this step.

If not, try to purchase timeless classics that will never go out of style such as a blazer, cardigans, denim and chinos.

In addition to this, neutral coloring should make the core of your wardrobe. Depending on what compliments you best, white, black, charcoal and navy should be your starting point and then branch off from there.

Try it Out!

All four components of the style of four are important and are requirements for purchasing clothing that is right for you.

Now that you are armed with the style of four, get out there and purchase something that suits you best!

By following this approach, you will be amazed by how confident you feel knowing that you are wearing high quality, well fitted clothing. Others will notice which is also a great thing!

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