Grooming, Style Advice / March 27th, 2017

What Hairstyle Should I Get? | Infographic

Being a gentleman is just as much about presenting a high-quality appearance as it is acting the role with class and poise. The focus in appearance is almost always tailored to being well dressed, particularly organizing a wardrobe that contains trendy, yet classic shoes, pants, and shirts that follow new fashion trends. However, there’s one crucial component of the male appearance that is often taken for granted and left untended to – the male hairstyle.

Most fashion bloggers contend that, just like finding the right suit, peacoat, shirt or pants to complement your physique and style, the right haircut works to highlight the strengths in your facial lines, while subtly covering any limitations.
For example, a little research uncovers that men with oval face shapes have a lot of great options due to the symmetry and versatility of their face, while guys with round face shapes should get hairstyles that are short on the sides and lifted away from the face on top.

So if you’re curious about the best haircuts of 2017 and want a resource to stay in touch with the latest and hottest styles of the year, the coolest blog we found is Men’s Hairstyles Today! Just see their useful illustrations on how to pick a cut or style based on your face shape.

What Hairstyle Should I Get Infographic

What Hairstyle Should I Get?